Sunday 4 December 2011

When in Mildura ........

I like to watch these two little people play, run and laugh
My sweet little Miss Lily and her cousin "My Little Man" Liam
Liam is my one and only nephew. His mummy and daddy went through a lot to have him. He is a "one off" and only 10 weeks younger than my little Lily .... it's like it was always meant to be with us both having these two at the same time, especially being Miss Lily is our surprise baby :o)

When in Mildura we also introduced Miss Lily to the Mighty Murray River for the first time

Oh and with that comes the water sports ..... she had her first ride in a Ski Boat, and much to my hesitation ..... she even went out behind the boat

Safe in dads hands and with her big sister looking over her :o)

But, when also in Mildura I went here .....

"Lesley May"

Hi Lily ....... I can see you.

 a Patchwork and Quilting Shop in Mildura.  I didn't buy anything (and forget to get my camera out earlier) but there was so much to look at.  One item that did catch my eye was this.

I wanted to bring it home with me :o)
and beautiful gardens out the front
Lots of tempting things inside, Including a "Sweet Sixteen" quilting machine and an new 12ft Avanti Quilting machine ........ I was even allowed to have a play .........  still dreaming and must remember to buy that tattslotto ticket!

I did take some hand sewing with me but it didn't get any further than this

so hopefully some more on this in the future.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend like we did :o)

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Sharon what a lovely time you all had,i also love going to Mildura,i didnt know of that quilting shop though,lol.Great fun to be had on the mighty murray river.

  2. Mildura..... depending on where you travelled from you may have past through my home town for the past 18 years! Balranald.
    I love Mildura.. always great for shopping...

  3. Precious little people. Being so close in age I'm sure they will always have a bond. I love my cousins I grew up with & even with 3 & 4 years difference, we were inseparable. They had a workshop at this years Perth quilt show to try out a Sweet 16 quilter. Needless to say after about an hour I came to the conclusion that I need a lot more practice. Like you, it's on the lotto list. Tracee xx

  4. Beautiful holiday photos, Miss Lily is a real cutie! The patchwork shop looks lovely.


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