Sunday 18 December 2011

Trial Run .... with some help

Christmas Cooking

Every year I like to add something different to the sweets table on Christmas Day.
So this year I am thinking that themed cupcakes might be the way to go.

The cake baking is the easy bit, it's the decorating that tests me!

Can you tell what they are supposed to be?

The true test I think is to ask a 2 year old

Well she knew what they were (Christmas Trees and Santa in case you are not sure) so now was time to see which one she wanted ......
Can you guess?

Yep, Santa

Lily and I also did a bit of baking together whilst her big brothers and sister were at the movies ...... bickies anyone?

Well done Miss Lily ....... now to the fun bit :o)

Looking good enough to eat if you ask me.

Now for a taste test by the chef

Yum Yum
We may have to make another batch of these for Christmas day.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations and remember, it's not about the presents and the food, but the Special people that you get to share it all with.

Hugs, Sharon 


  1. That brings back so many memories of when my boys where little. We would always bake yummy Christmas things together. Now they just eat...

  2. lovely pics .......... now I am hungry... and I want bickies ;-)

  3. Personnally I'd have gone for the Christmas Trees... but I'm no expert. Unlike Lily who has the whole quality catering thing well and truly sussed out!! What a little star!
    Lovely post.... Merry Christmas!!

  4. Sharon what a beautiful post and you and miss Lily did a marvelous job of baking xmas goodies.

  5. Yummy yummy goodies!! I loved your decorating ... So creative ... And Lily's cooking is fantastic too ... What a great little chef!!!


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