Friday 30 December 2011

Roll Call 2011

Confessions of a Quiltaholic

Ahh... with 2011 rolling to a close and 2012 about to hit with a Bang I am doing this post to
"Keep myself on Track" ... so to speak.
I set my self my own "Accountability List" during 2011 and I have kept track of it on the left hand side of my blog and I am very pleased that I managed to get 75% of that cleared thus only leaving two projects left to be completed ... so this is where my list of current projects to "keep me busy" for 2012 will start.

UFO List

Ruby Quilt - Needs backing, then basting and quilting
Window to our Garden - Need Applique to be finished, basted and quilted

Window to our garden - UFO

Ruby Quilt - UFO
For those who are tackling 2012 as the year to complete their UFOs .. go for it, this time next year you will be so proud of yourself and pleased that you did.

I am very pleased that I only have two items in my UFO List  ... would like to see it a Zero though so my aim for 2012 is to finish with no UFOs  ... WIP's are a different thing tho!
My hope here is to keep them "under control"


Vignette Mystery Quilt
Once Upon a Time BOM
Farmer's Wife Quilt-along
Oh My Stars Quilt-along
In My Garden BOM
Some Kind of Wonderful Stitch-a-long

Each project is progressing nicely and making regular appearances on my Blog.
I only have 6 Project boxes so this is how I limit myself when it comes to WIP's.

I am seriously considering adding a couple of more boxes though as there seems to be so much I want to make and not enough time. . . . a common complaint I hear from other people so it is nice to know it's not just me!
I must admit I do have a few projects on the must do "to-do" list that will jump right into these boxes as soon as they look like they are nearing completion :)

Must Do - To Do List

Bottled Rainbow Quilt - I have the solids and will do as scraps allow

Swoon - Have no idea on fabric just yet but I am constantly on the look out!

I have the pattern .. it is a start.

Image borrowed from Google - Twin Fibres

Image from Google - Dolls from the Loft

A Boy Story - Hatched and Patched

I have the book and it is just a matter of time :o)

Wendy over at Charlotte's Web got me hooked on this quilt earlier this year when she was making it.
Her final quilt is beautiful and her quilter has done lovely quilting on it, pop on over and take a look :o)

Image from Google Images
"Edited from below to include"
 Declyn's Quilt

So thank you 2011
Everything you have thrown at us has allowed us to grow and to appreciate what we have.
We dearly miss those who we have lost and hold those that are with us that little tighter now
I thank my man for being behind me and giving me the nudge to start my blog 6 months ago, as those who I have met here have provided me with unlimited inspiration, support and friendship and I look forward to sharing 2012 with you all.

And a big thank you to my supportive family for without you I would not be exploring my creativity and having so much fun in making things for you and the joy that I get seeing you snuggled under a quilt made just for you.  Oh, Declyn (that my 2nd son) I promise to make you a quilt in 2012, we just need to discuss your design .... I am not sure I can pull off what you want! ........ maybe I can share that with you (my readers) soon for help.

  Have a safe New Year and please if you are on the roads travel safe.

See you in 2012


  1. You have done a wonderful job completing almost all of them. Love your WIP items too. I have lots of boxes LOL

    Hugs - Fee XX

  2. The Swoon Quilt is on my to-do list too! And I also have the Boys Story book too, I really should do that one before my boys get too old for it!

  3. you have done well Sharon with all your finishes,and happy new year to you and your love ones.xx

  4. Swoon is also on my to do list. But with 18 projects in progress, I havea few UFOs to finish too. I'm also a farmer's wife and a vignette.

  5. so many beautiful things to do... I also really would like to do the Boys Story. Good luck and Happy New Year...

  6. Well done on your completions. Isn't funny no matter how many we finish we manage to start just as many. I'm too scared to list my 'must do' list.


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