Tuesday 22 November 2011

My charms have arrived!

A little while back I joined in on the
 Christmas Charm Square Swap

and this parcel arrived yesterday all the way from the U.S.
112 x 5" Charm Squares

so I sorted them all out in color groupings - so many beautiful prints but now what am I to do with them.

I originally went this way. Thinking about rows, 10 x 11 sashed in white

With the aim of creating a Christmas themed Picnic quilt.
I had a couple of rows all sewn together but then decided NO!

A lot of the prints are directional and if I kept going this way then there is a right and wrong way on the quilt so a quick rethink, some unpicking and a little more sewing and I've created this.....

My aim now is to create 4 of these and then twist each one 1/4 of a turn so it doesn't matter which way you approach the picnic rug some of the prints will be in the right direction :o)

Still in the thought process on adding extra sashings etc to make it big enough and because of this I don't think that it will be finished in time to use this year but that is OK because I am also toying with the idea of a little hand quiting.

This is very much a "wing it" or "make it up as you go" project.

Wish me luck,

A HUGE thank you to Angie for hosting this swap, it has been so much fun.


  1. I'm so glad they arrived safely. I love what you are doing with them.

  2. what a lovely idea Sharon love the xmas squares and they look fantastic against the white,well done

  3. That looks great Sharon & love your idea to complete the quilt. Can't wait to see it done. Tracee xx

  4. How lovely to have some fun ... I do love what you have decided to do with it...


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