Wednesday 21 September 2011

The only way to learn.......

Is to give it a go, right?

I am so hesitant and even a little scared to try to finish this off but I know that I just have to otherwise I will never learn.  I made this quilt top back in early July, you can see the post HERE   It is made from the Fandango Fabric Range and I have used the  Boxed In Quilt Pattern over on Moda Bake Shop.

Back then (in July) it looked like this.

This morning it is currently laying on my kitchen table, almost ready to move a little closer to the sewing machine.

After seeing these photos I have been back and smoothed it out a little more.

Fingers crossed as I hope to sit at my machine when Lily goes down for her afternoon nap today and start.

This will be one huge learning curve, wish me luck, I feel I will need it!

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  1. A journey is begun with that first step. The same with any endeavor. I seem to experience some of that hesitancy every time I get to the point of launching into the quilting process of another quilt. A "blank canvass" is easier to approach once that first stroke is applied. Grab a practice "sandwich" and go at it. Stitches made have a way of 'breaking the ice'! It does get easier with repetition. Allow yourself's more than ok and is the very special part of each quilt. When finished with this project the label will become a part of the chronicle of this journey. Enjoy, you're in the company of many who share in this journey. Doreen

  2. Oooooo... I love Fandango! And I really love your quilt. I'm petrified of FMQ so I know just how you're feeling right now. Most times the fear of doing it is 10 times worse than the actual doing! Once you get going you'll be fine. You can do it!!


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