Monday 22 August 2011

My New Design Wall .....

Meet the blank wall that is in front of me when I'm at my sewing machine ...... so uninspiring but what an amazing space for a design wall, a portable and fold able one too.

My previous design wall was not working in our home because the children kept using the door it was hanging from so I needed to go to plan two, and I am so happy that I did.  I worded up hubby and off to Bunnings it was ....

My sewing table where my machine normally sits

Add one ... two and then

three pieces of MDF (600 x 1200) .... I advise that you check the size
as the first lot of MDF that we purchased and I assured hubby
would be big enough was not :(

Spray one side of the board with adhesive and lay on Wadding
then spray edges and fold over the wadding, then if you like
cover the back also (sorry I forgot to get a picture of this)

add hinges

Now if it is not in use it folds away for super easy storage or can be used free standing on the floor :o)

We just screwed a piece of wood we already had into the table to prevent the design wall from sliding forward.
This can also be easily removed if the table is needed for another use

This same principal can be used for a larger freestanding Design Wall.  Now to go and test it out :o)

Happy stitching,

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