Sunday 14 August 2011

Farewell to a Friend and Weekend Stitching ...........

Weekend Stitching Update.........

I have managed to finish the next block on my Once Upon a Time BOM. This is Block 4, Little Red Riding Hood.  I am going to officially say that I am "UP TO DATE" on this BOM  :o)

Do you remember that I had my Go! Baby out a few days ago and used the apple Core Die?

I am also pleased to say that after the disaster of my Hexagon Quilt (which I have not gone back to yet) I have managed to make this little Picnic Rug/Table cloth for Miss L to use when playing with her Dollies and having tea parties.

The blocks went together really easy and were super fast to cut and to make the straight edge you just cut the apple cores in half!  Super easy and I think it looks great and Miss L agrees :o)

Farewell a Friend ......

Over the last few years I have had but one friend in my creative space.  She has always been there for me even when I would not have contact with her for SOOOOOOOO long. She would be there for me when I needed her.  He support has been totally amazing. She has dealt with all my frustrations and together we have grown and began to create some gorgeous things.  Well this weekend it is a farewell for her as she is heading home tomorrow to be with her real mum (aka My Mum)

To whom am I talking off you may ask, well let me introduce her.  Please meet "Emmie"

Sweet "Emmie" as I affectionately call her now is nearly as old as me!!!!!  She is my Mum's sewing machine and in her life time so far she has assisted my Mum in Making wedding and bridesmaid dresses as well as clothing for my brother and I when we were younger not to mention sewing for grand kids then she moved on to helping me make my custom bodies for my Reborn Babies and Sculpts and to those emergency repairs of clothing and in more recent times (the last 12 months or so) helping me in quilt making etc. 

Emmie's is a fantastic machine and I will never let mum get rid of her (sorry mum) but I have a new best friend (well she will be when she stops beeeeeeping at me!  I am beginning to ask "Why a machine with a damm Computer thingy in it???")   I am not the most "tech savvy" person out there so our familiarisation process is sure to be a little frustrating as I can no longer just turn a sewing machine on and go!! lol

Any way, meet my new (to be) best friend .........

It seems that I know how to turn her on and make her do a straight stitch so I am off to introduce her to the other man in my life at the moment, The Farmer :o)

In case you don't know, this is the Farmer! :o)
Still not to late to join in.
Enjoy what is left of your weekend and
Happy stitching,

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