Saturday 16 July 2011

YoYo Along Anyone?

With my Simple Things Quilt Along rolling around to an end (Photos, I hope, In the next day or two) I have stumbled across another "Along" group that has spiked my interest, but this time something a little different.

A "YoYo Along"!

I already have a couple of YoYo Makers hiding in a box somewhere so why not dig them out and have a go?  The instructions call for a 60mm clover yoyo maker which has a finished yoyo at about 2 3/8" but the YoYo maker that I have is slightly smaller, making a completed yoyo of approx 1.8" but that will not deter me. I will still make the same number of YoYo's but my finished object will be just a little smaller. 

The basics of the YoYo Along are ...... 1008 YoYo's - which meant 7.5 YoYo's a day if you joined right back on day one.  Currently I have 44 so I am about 150 behind but I don't think that should be to hard to catch up on (fingers crossed I can do this!!!) :o)  When all the YoYo's are made we are going to be joining them by machine so the quilt will be a lot more sturdier than hand stitching.

I am using this YoYo Along as a way of using up some scraps.  I have never done a totally scrap quilt before so I am really looking forward to this.

Penny over at Sewtakeahike has all the details on size etc so if you are interested in joining pop over and take a look.

Feel free to jump on board and if you do, don't forget to grab the super cute button and tracker :o)

Happy stitching, Sharon

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