Sunday 24 July 2011

Where are the Reborns and Sculpts? Organisation...... and more

When I first began this Blog I originally planned on Blogging about the Reborn Baby Dolls that I make as well as my time spent with lumps of clay, sculpting little 6" Babies and a little bit of Patchwork, quilting, stitching etc but as we can see it has not all gone as planned.  This I am OK with though as each art form has a special place in my life and at the moment I am enjoying my time using fabric as my creative medium.  I hope to, in the near future share with the Blog world a little more about me and my other creations that I love to make.  But now that I seem to have three major art forms that consum my life, namely "Sewing", making Reborns and Sculpting,(notice the flip in order there!!!) storage in my craft are has become an issue for me.

Six months ago my craft area was full of paints, Reborn Doll Kits, mohair, stuffing and filling materials(tiny glass beads) and baby clothing and a dedicated area for sculpting.  If you walked into this same area today you see none of what is listed above.  You would not even know that I call myself a Reborn Artist!!!!

I had one standard table and a trestle and everything worked well and flowed nicely for what I was doing but Now????    So with this I began to surf the Internet to see how others kept and created their storage areas for their "Sewing".   Wow some people really do have fantastic layouts ....... one day Sharon!  ooh and a LOT and I mean a LOT of Fabric :o)  This I do not have at the moment but I will admit that I am developing a fabric addiction :o)

Here is a look into my "Creative Space".  I cleared it out before I took this photo. You can see that under the trestle table there are still boxes of fabric that need to be sorted but the rest of the area has been stripped back.

The French door leads through to our dinning area and second lounge/living area (the first is behind where I am standing to take this photo) and the door to the right goes to the kitchen so as far as position goes I think it is great as I am still in touch with everyone and still close enough to monitor the meals cooking in the kitchen ;o)

Can you see a corner of the green chair?  It is located next to a wood fire so it is where I spend many of my nights when I am stitching :o)

This book case and horrible plastic draws(below) used to live in my creative area and I have wanted to rid myself of them for so long. They just do not fit the decor of our home!

So with these out I really, really needed something so after looking around furniture stores in town I decided that there had to be a cheaper option. So off to Ebay it was and look what I found .... and only $55, I was excited by the potential and not a mark on it.

It fits perfectly under the shelf on the wall and the lock is at the top so I know that my 2 y.o. won't be getting into it to have a play with Mummy's stuff :o) and it matches in with the rest of the wooden furniture that is in our home.  This is important to me as some of this area can be seen from the front door.

I am still paying with the layout inside but so far it looks a lot like this ......

The bottom shelf is awaiting some containers for my fabric scraps that will all be sorted into colors!
The very top shelf will eventually have mini fabric bolts on them so I can see my fabrics clearly and allow me to "shop at home" first before I go buy more.

Having my DH home this week has also proved to be a bonus as he has managed to see first hand how "uncomfortable" it can be cutting fabric at a table of standard height and after some research he placed some dog food cans under the tables legs (great gage for height) but they proved to not be to stable with the table moving if anyone lent on it so he went off to the timber store and $15 later........

From this ......

to this

 Timber feet, or blocks with holes drilled in the top for the legs at just the right height for me and best of all, if the table is needed for its intended use you just take them off and back down it goes.

It has been a very busy week sorting, and sourcing storage solutions and I am very pleased with the outcome.  Next on DH's to do list is a Design Wall. A portable one that can be put away when not in use.

Until next time enjoy what is left of your weekend and
 Happy stitching, reborning or sculpting,

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