Tuesday 12 July 2011

Scandinavian Christmas

I am loving sitting down and stitching this one.  If you have ever thought about it but not done it I can recommend it!!!!

With the first block I had a really hard time with the Churn Dash blocks.  It just did not seem to matter what I did they just did not come together right.   Then came this in the mail ......

My fat 8th Bundle for the new range from Lynette Anderson (and I love the prints in this range .... may even have to grab some more so I don't run out!!! )

It was like a match made in heaven and what I needed to get everything to fall into place!

I sat down yesterday and had another go at making these blocks and now I am a happy stitcher :o)

Block 1

Block 2

 As you can see I have left the "Snowflake" blocks blank at the moment as I am thinking about personalising mine, possibly with family names or something that represents what Christmas means to us .....

Block 3 is due in the mail any day now so I am going to substitute the fabrics included for the Churn Dash Blocks for Lynette's New range..... maybe even switch a couple of others as well :o)

Happy Stitching,

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