Thursday 7 July 2011

In NEED of a Fix - WIP and MORE

Argghh ... It is school holiday time here and I have all four children roaming around doing their own things but as any mum knows that also means that there are others visiting aswell.  So in a quiet moment I may get down to just having the girls at home, Miss K, 8 and Miss L, 2 and in the more busier times I have all four PLUS and I can not put a number on the PLUS as it can range from one extra to who knows .................  I still love the holidays just wish they were summer holidays filled with BBQ's, sun and swimming :o)

Yesterday I had a "yearning" for a "sewing fix" and quiet time for me so after doing some research online I found just the right quilt to make.  No full pictures yet as it still very much a WIP but it does involve a Layer Cake and a few Yards of fabric all in the Fadango Range.  I LOVE this range and just happened to have it all in my stash :o)  Here is a sneek peek for you

One of the hardest things for me with patchwork and quilting is not having things in a pattern (everything in my house has to be evenly placed/grouped) so this quilt is a real test for me !!!!!!
A learning curve to teach me to "let go" so to speak. :o)

I hope to update you on this as time permitts.

LOVE my POSTIE today

Look what came in the post today

It is the new range of fabrics from Lynette Anderson Designs and I am in LOVE (yes again!)
This range is not yet available here in Australia but Lynette does have a few fat 8th bundles
available in her store.  If you are interested head over HERE and visit her blog.

I am making her Scandinavan Christmas wall hanging at the moment and am planning on sneeking a few of these fabrics in :o)

Also in the Post were these

A little bit of Christmas sewing and then something to add to the "to do" List

OK, my boys have just gone out so it is just me and the girls so we are off for a bit of girl fun before we are surrounded by loud boys being boys!!!!!!

Happy stitching,

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