Completed Quilts 2014

"Fancy Fox"

Finished 20th November
Final Blog Post can be found HERE

"Costal Ripple"

My first finished "Big" Crochet Blanket.
Finished 17th November 2014
Final Blog Post can be found HERE

Strawberry Social

Finished 19th October 2012
Finished Size 53" x  66"

Final Blog post can be found HERE

Red Letter Day / Churn Dash Quilt
A double Sided Quilt

Red Letter Day
Pattern by Thimble Blossoms - Camille Roskelly
Finishes at 68" Square.

Finished June 2014

The Final Blog Post on this Quilt can be found HERE.

It's not a quilt but I did finish my first ever Crochet projecti in May
The Blog post is HERE

It finished at 36" Square

"Pippa Quilt"
My first quilt finish for 2014 was a Quilt for Miss Lily's 5th Birthday

The pattern is "Pippa" by Cinderberry Stitches.
Finished in March 2014.

Final Blog Post can be found HERE

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