Saturday 28 October 2017

Spelling Bee Quilt along with the Fat Quarter Shop and a Mini {Tutorial}

Welcome to my first turn on the

"Spelling Bee Saturday" Quilt Along 

with Lori Holt and The Fat Quarter Shop.

"Spelling Bee" 

is Lori's 4 book and has 100 letter, number, punctuation
and picture blocks in two sizes, 12" and 6" PLUS it has 18 Quilt Projects.

This week we are working on the Apple and the Bee and I get to share my Apple with you.


You will be needing the book, which is available from the Fat Quarter Shop for the instructions.

 I decided to make a total of four apples and turn them into a little mat to sit under our fruit bowl.

I am using my favourite Bonnie and Camille fabrics and dived into my scrap baskets.

If you would like to make your own Apple mat the simple directions are below.

You will need to make four 6" Apple Blocks as per the instructions in Lori's book "Spelling Bee".

Background Fabric
Cut Four (4) - 2" x 6.5" rectangles
Cut Two (2) - 1" x 14" rectangles
Cut Two (2) - 1" x 15" rectangles

Centre print Fabric
Cut One (1) - 2" x 2" Square

Border Fabric
Cut Two (2) - 3" x 15' rectangles
Cut Two (2) - 3" x 20" rectangles

You will also need: -
22" Square of Backing Fabric
22" Square of Batting or Parlan.
90" binding.

 (Parlan is a thin fusible Batting. I use it for all of my smaller makes like this.)

Lay your four apple blocks out in a pleasing manner and sew the 2" x 6.5" rectangles and the 2" square as pictured below. Press.

Sew the units together in section of two, as pictured. Press.

Then sew the two larger units together to form the one square.
Your mat at this stage will measure 14" square.

To each side sew a 1" x 14" of the background fabric. Press.
Sew the 1" x 15" rectangles of the background fabric to the top and bottom. Press.

Adding your border.

To each side sew a 3" x 15" rectangle of border fabric. Press.
Now sew the 3" x 20" rectangles of border fabric to the top and bottom. Press.

Layer and quilt as desired.

Attach your binding and you are all finished.

Here is the schedule of Quilters, be sure to visit their Blogs and / or Instagram accounts to see what they are up to and don't forget to go an visit Joanne (Cottonjo on Instagram) to see her Bee Block.

Happy Stitching,
Sharon x


  1. Great tutorial - thanks. Love the finished product. It looks wonderful.

  2. I love your apple quilt. I also thought it would be darling in pumpkin colors for the fall!


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