Sunday 4 January 2015


"Saturday Stitching"

It's the 4th of January and I'm right into making some progress on my UFO's already.
In addition to my UFO's I also have 9 Flimsy's (Completed Quilt Tops) hanging in a wardrobe! 
So I am also going to try and get these finished this year also so yesterday I set to
preparing one for some professional quilting.

This one is the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop.

It's been out of sight for so long that even Glenn didn't remember it!
Oh well, its off to the Quilters on Thursday.

Then I figured whilst I was at it I'd grab another out.

Definitely long time no see for this one.
Most of these blocks were made as part of a Bee I belonged to many moons ago.

So I went and grabbed out my "Orphan Block Box" and Shopped my Stash.

Ta-da a pieced back.

Now this one is ready to be quilted. I'm thinking that I might have a go at quilting this one myself as all I can manang is straight lines :o)

I've also made progress on Aiden's "Big Game" blocks with 12 / 29 completed.

Back to these today I think :o)

Enjoy your Sunday,
hugs Sharon


  1. WOW you're going to be very busy this year, good luck with stash busting your UFO's :) Barb.

  2. Good girl clearing the UFOs, you made me think about mine...but that's it so far Aidens quilt

  3. Great progress, keep you the good work.

  4. Great job working on your UFO's Sharon. I'm trying to finish the borders on my 2013 BOM but it's been too hot the last few days to sit in the room with the iron on!

  5. You are getting some work done in this heat. Lucky you

  6. Well done with your UFO's Sharon. Aidens quilt looks great x

  7. your star blocks are wonderful -- I just had someone request those in a bee and now I am thinking that I need to make some for myself

  8. Lovely - really like the Big Game quilt!

  9. A great way to start the year with one ready to go to the quilter. Good luck with allt he UFOs and flimsies.


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