Friday 12 December 2014

So apparently its almost Christmas and a Finish

Yikes ..... where has the time gone?  Long time no blog post. My bad :(

So time for a quick update.  Our Tree above.
But what have I been up to?

 Some online shopping and a new project for 2015.

I've won a Giveaway from Jodie aka RicRac over on Instagram

No 2. Sons Construction project for Semester 2 came home  and I LOVE it

Many a swap parcel has been sent 


and even a few have been received.
Here are some waiting for me under the tree...ahh the temptation!

One I have been allowed to open one.  This parcel is from the gorgeous Sam @fortheloveoffabric over on Instagram for an #aussiechristmasswap.  She has spoiled me.

After living in this house for 2 months I have finally decided to get the sewing machine off the kitchen table and set up my little area.

We also set to working on the other side of my space a few weeks ago and now I have this.

Then yesterday I set my sights on one more finish for this year.
My Bonnie and Camille Sampler Quilt.

All finished and I quilted this one myself!

As you can see I have also made this one double sided by using a flimsy I made earlier in the year.

Ane one more thing.

This kid graduated last night.

Excuse the lack of a smile as photos of this one are always taken under duress!

Congratulations and Well done Aiden.

until next time, hugs Sharon


  1. Always so many lovely goodies coming from your sewing space. Nice to see that it's all set up now. Your sampler looks fantastic. I hope Aiden enjoyed his night.

  2. Lots happening at your place, Sharon. Congratulations to Aiden. Mitchell has his graduation next Tuesday night.

  3. Love your tree and you Sons project is amazing, well done to him....lots of wonderful projects as well.....hope you are well Sharon xxx

  4. No 2 son's construction is wonderful. Very talented.

  5. You look ready for Christmas, and set up for lots more sewing! Well done to your son.

  6. Congrats Aiden... It's hard to get a good photo of them sometimes. Good to see your sewing space. Well done on your quilting....

  7. In love with B&C sampler! Is that a pattern I can purchase or your own creation?

  8. :) Your title made me completely laugh - It's almost Christmas??? ;D

  9. well done Aiden, well done Sharon... lots of lovely always on your blog ...

  10. Heaps done this year Sharon...some lovely finishes. Congrats to Aiden!

  11. Your sewing space looks great!!!! Congratulations Aiden, you must be a very proud Mum!

  12. Your sewing area looks great and you've put together some wonderful hedgehog blocks. Your foxes Wallhanging will keep the hedgehogs


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