Thursday 18 December 2014

Sants Sack Swap - Sent

Jeanette has opened her gifts in the Santa Sack Swap so its time to share what I sent.

We have both received gorgeous Santa Sacks in previous years so opted for another type of bag.
I chose to make Jeanette a "Dilly Bag"

Out of Bonnie and Camille fabrics.

Jeanettes favourite colour is Purple

Needlebook and Tissue cover

and whats a swap parcel without chocolate :o)

An Annie Downs design Shoe bag

A mini quilt made from a Rosalie Quinlan design teamed with Bonnie and Camille Scrumptious

and lastly a Social Tote 

So pleased that you like your gifts Jeanette. I enjoyed putting this parcel together for you.
Now, I was going to wait until Christmas Day but I feel that my willpower is weakening and the paper may just come off soon ;)

Hugs Sharon


  1. Wow!! A beautiful Secret Santa Surprise for Jeanette!! I really like the social basket!

  2. What a lucky partner Jeanette is. I love that Rosalie Quinlan mini quilt you've made. Your hand stitching on it is beautiful. And that social tote is wonderful too. So many lovely things - I bet she will be very grateful to receive your parcel.

  3. You've made such beautiful gifts.

  4. Oh yes I love all the gifts. They are all wonderful. Thanks ever so much. Hugs, xx

  5. Gorgeous gifts! What a lovely package you put together :-)

  6. Lovely lot of loot! No wonder Jeanette loved her surprises. Xox

  7. What beautiful gifts!!! ... If you wait until Christmas Day you won't be the only one - I'll be waiting till then as they will be the only gifts I'll be opening (I'll be gifted money from the parents and Grandad but won't receive that until early/mid-January). I've put my box high on the shelf so that I literally have to get a step ladder to get it down, lol!!

  8. A lovely lovely set of gifts Sharon...

  9. Oh lucky lucky Jeanette. I would think all of my Christmases had come at once. All so beautiful.

  10. Oh my goodness Sharon! Your gifts are just stunning!! I don't know how on earth you managed to create them all at this particularly busy time of year - you are amazing!!!

  11. Beautiful pressies the social tote..whos pattern is it?


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