Monday 17 November 2014

Ripple Love

I took advantage of our cooler weather over the weekend to finish off my Ripple Blanket


Three trips around and it was done, 8 weeks after I started it :o)
When I first learnt to crochet I knew I wanted to make a ripple blanket
so it now feels so good to have accomplished that task and to also have it be
my first big blanket.

It's BIG.  Here it is on a Single Bed and below on a Queen for size reference.

I nearly didn't add the border but so glad that I did.
The pattern for this one can be found HERE at Attic24 and if you
want to duplicate one exactly, Lucy has a link on her blog for a Yarn Pack.

Now I can turn my attention back to my growing Sunburst Granny.

Until next tine.
hugs Sharon


  1. The blanket looks fantastic. I really like the Sunburst grannies too - will you crochet them together?

  2. I love the colours in your ripple blanket. Well done that was fast!

  3. Your ripple blanket is gorgeous. Such beautiful work.

  4. love the ripple blanket.... its hard to believe you are a beginner!!

  5. Ripple blanket is amazing Sharon well done!!


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