Thursday 31 July 2014

Sampler Quilt - a flimsy finish

I decided it was finally time to finish off my
Bonnie and Camille Sampler Quilt

This is one of the first photos I took when I started laying out blocks.

And this is what it has grown into.

It finishes at about 72 x 76"
Not bad for a bunch of random blocks.

I have almost finished piecing a back for it and then I am going to enlist some help and get this baby layered up and ready to quilt.  I'm actually going to have a go at quilting it one myself.  If all goes to plan the first stitched might go in this weekend.

"Off topic"
How do you really know when your a dance mum?

When a third pair of dance shoes come into the home :o)
Our baby girl definitely has a passion for dance.

Thank you for popping by,
hugs Sharon


  1. This is an awesome quilt - I hope Camille see's it! Yes, you are dance mum for sure, just wait till there are two lots of those around and then you have to get more 6mths in .

  2. I love your quilt, Sharon. Good luck with the quilting.

  3. It's a lovely quilt-top.

    Greetings, Manuela

  4. lovely quilt top.... you will do a great job with the quilting too....
    sweet seeing those little dance shoes...


  5. The quilt top is looking great. I do like the addition of the foxes.
    Good luck with the quilting.
    Looks like you are in for lots of dance concerts in the future!

  6. Oh I LOVE it!! All those beautiful fabrics made into such lovely blocks (love the foxes!). I'm not a dance mum. I'm a football mum!


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