Wednesday 16 April 2014

Enchanted Tote on a busy day

Earlier today I had this exciting parcel of fabric arrive in the mail from Sarah Fielke.
This is Sarah's new fabric range

My job was to turn that pile on the left into a Social Tote.
I have had a couple of distractions (more on them in a minute) but here it is,
all ready to be posted back to Sarah tomorrow :o)

I must say that the colors in this range are simply beautiful and very pretty.

So that is my 7th Social Tote and that pattern still gets me every time.
No skipping ahead. I have to read the instructions just like it was my first time!

As for my distractions.  First off was this little fella.

He flew into the window in my sewing room. A little stunned he hung around for a while.  Took a walk around to the back door and had a chat with Lily.  Lily tried to tell me that she wanted to keep him.  


I think he is someones pet as I went outside and he came up to sit on my arm.  Lovely bird. Hopefully he has found his way home and is safe now.

Next up wasn't really a distraction for me but it kept Lily busy which in turn allowed me more sewing time.

Declyn made a cake.

A rather impressive cake. 
From scratch, no packet mixes here.

I'm thinking that I should "hand ball" the birthday cake making duties to Declyn.

Especially when he does this "just because".
Tasted delish :o)

hugs Sharon


  1. This is a gorgeous tote. Looks fantastic in the fabrics you have used.

  2. Another gorgeous tote and yes, cake is certainly a good distraction.

  3. Great Bag and I see the talent runs in the family as Declyn's cake looks fabulous. He could definately make my birthday cake....

  4. Love the social tote,it's a pattern I really must get would be perfect for my stuff when away in the camper.
    Declan's cake looks lovely.x

  5. Ps....sorry I spelt his name wrong. Declyns cake looks yummy.....xx

  6. That bag is awesome......great looking cake, you have one talented boy there.....I am sure tge little bird has found his way home..

  7. You are a whizz with that pattern now. Great fabrics, very you. Maybe Declyn has a future as a baker, the cake looks very yummy.

  8. That fabric is so pretty Sharon. The tote looks wonderful. That's a pretty fancy "just because" cake.

  9. lovely social tote.... look like lots can go in them.... sweet bird and yummy cake.... rather nice distractions!

  10. Have a HaPPy EasTeR Sharon. Lovely post today too! :)

  11. You are a person of so many talents Sharon, and your family are following in your footsteps,
    wow that cake looked delicious.
    Happy Easter.

  12. you have such a clever family Shaz,happy and safe easter to you and your beautiful family.xx

  13. I agree. The fabric is lovely. It looks great in the tote you made.
    Good to see the little bird was okay. Lovely colours.
    And keep encouraging that interest in cooking!!

  14. I love your social totes! This one looks great. What an amazing cake!


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