Friday 14 February 2014

Something new .....

I am thinking that 2014 for me is the year of the starts 
and my only hope is that I also manage some larger finishes!   
This new start is

"A Merry Christmas Garden" by Gail Pan

I first fell in love with this one after only seeing Block 1 at a Stitching day with Gail late last year.
Then I got to see Claire's almost completed version in person in January. Then Nicky at my LQS posted a pic on Facebook late last week of the fabrics she had selected for the BOM through her shop. Instantly I was  sold and the very next day
 I was there picking up my first block :o)

The only thing that was worrying me was the needle turn.
I love the look but Needle turn and I don't get along so well so I am trying another
method and am pleased to say that I think I have finally found a method that works for me.

I actually have edges on these that I am happy with thanks to this stuff.....

If you have not seen this before. You trace your shape onto it and cut out. Then iron it to the wrong side of your fabric and trim to a scant 1/4". I then use a little applique glue to hold in place on your fabric and then you start your needle turn. It gives you a great edge to turn against. 
When washed, the glue washes away and you are left with just a few fibers from the Applique sheets.


If you have been thinking about this project here is a link to my LQS.
Give Nicky a ring :o)  (I'm always happy to enable, you can thank me later! lol)

OK, got to go, blogs to read and more Needle turn to be done.

Happy Valentines Day,
Sharon xx


  1. what a lovely new start Shaz,yes loved Claires too.enjoy.xx

  2. thanks for sharing this product... as needleturn work and I dont seem to be able to go together

  3. This is a beautiful design, yours will be gorgeous!!

  4. The colours are lovely. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous Sharon.

  5. Thanks for your tips on needleturn. It always puts me off as I know it will take me much longer to do. It is a lovely pattern. Look forward to following your progress. Hugs.....

  6. lovely fabrics for your new project.... I don't think it matters how a job is done does it... so long as you get the results you want...

  7. I just trace the design straight onto the reverse of the fabric, and then glue the edges down with a Sewline glue pen. I find the glue in bottles is too tacky and stiff to sew through. The glue pen seems to leave no residue and leaves the appliqued piece soft and manouverable, which is great if you need to refold or reposition the piece. I love the choice of fabrics. I now have a Frixion pen for marking, which irons away, so next time I do the applique, I will trace onto the right side of the fabric, which should make it even easier.

  8. It looks beautiful but I couldn't possible start another project! Look forward to seeing more of yours though.

  9. Please just don't finish yours before I finish mine! I'm glad you are doing this as it is such a beautiful quilt. I can't wait to hang it this Christmas.

  10. This looks gorgeous; thanks for sharing the wash-away applique sheets XX

  11. I also love that quilt and enjoyed seeing Gail with her work in progress at the gathering. Just another one to add to my ever growing list.

  12. I love seeing all your starts - makes me feel less guilty!!!

  13. I love this quilt and am starting mine soon, but could you tell me where to get the applique sheets as I struggle with needleturn also,

  14. Beautiful quilt love it.
    Looking forward to watching it grow.xx

  15. Will be a lovely version Sharon. I've just started my first block also

  16. Beautiful and a great tip too.


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