Sunday 9 February 2014

Sewing Shop Samples

I came home Friday to find an exciting little package awaiting me.
Then on Saturday I turned the contents into these.

Both are from Amy Butlers "Frenchy Bag" pattern.
The Blue one is the Handbag and the Green one is the Shoulder Bag.

As you can see, I suffer from a little OCD at times and even matched the stripes!

I am LOVING the colours on this Green one and am (not so) secretly wishing it was staying with me.

I am also loving the chevron print in both bags.

and tomorrow they go back in the post to their new home.

Hugs Sharon


  1. Lovely work Sharon....very quick turnaround.

  2. Love that green fabric. Great bags.

  3. Well done kiddo they look awesome.xx

  4. those are both lovely bags.... great to be doing some samples... can try before you buy??

  5. Nothing wrong with being a little OCD. They are great designs - I made No 2 daughter the shoulder bag size a few years ago - she uses it a lot.

  6. Gees you are a quck stitcher! Love them as I am sure their new home will too.

  7. Love them both, you're very quick with making things up :) Barb.


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