Monday 20 January 2014

Scatter Brain

 Yes that is me at the moment and I feel that it is well and truly reflected in my crafting as
I am jumping from one project to another.  But lets start with a little win I had on Facebook.

Three new spools of Twine have come to live with me. Great to add to my little growing collection,

Last post I showed you that I had dragged out my Lancaster Quilt again.
I am slowly getting row 4 of 5, of the clam shells attached.  Think I might change out that last border
though as it's not talking to me at the moment.

I got to spend Saturday afternoon at my LQS with a great group of ladies who are all working on
one (or more) Quiltwork Patterns.  I did a little last minute stitching and pinning to get this little 
sample block partly pieced to share.  You just need to imagine that all the arches go from light in the center to dark on the outside.  What do you think?

I've also done a little more work on the Weekender Bag that I am making for Barb in our one on one swap.
Sorry Barb but I just couldn't get the colours to come out in this pic! lol

I have something else I want to share, maybe tomorrow.

Hope you get to spend some of the day doing something you love.
hugs Sharon


  1. I think it's the weather....or the school holidays....I feel the same way. Can't have too much twine, a handy little win. Love your block, you really have the knack of graduated shades.

  2. Nice win Sharon. Your Lancaster quilt is looking great. As are your arc blocks. What a pity the colours didn't show up for Barb's bag!

  3. Nah, You are not a scatter brain, you just like a bit of variety. The arc blocks are awesome! Lucky Barb having that made for her. Great win too.

  4. Well the quilts talking to me and it says "amazing".

  5. Productive as always though Sharon. How is your cross stitch going?

  6. Lovely win...I don't see you as a scatter brain, your just adding a bit of spice to your quilting life.

  7. Nooooo not scatter brained,creative is the word you're looking for.I love the clam quilt,it's going to be a stunning quilt.
    Great sample too,and a girl can't have too much twine.xx

  8. You tease! Will try and get a small photo of a part of your blanket up soon so keep a look out, I don't know how to make it black and white so will see what I can do instead to disguise it a bit more :) Barb.

  9. Great win. Your quilt is coming along lovely. So close to the end.

  10. Great win! Like you, I'm finding it hard to focus on just one thing. Hopefully it all gets back to normal once school starts and the house is quiet.

  11. Lovely win Sharon. Your Lancaster quilt is just amazing and is your new project


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