Sunday 12 January 2014

Holiday Shopping

My family now knows that any trip may well involve planned or spontaneous stops at Quilt Shops.
Our little Beach Holiday to Warrnambool was no different.

First stop was on the way the to Warrnambool 
Gail's Emporium in Ballarat

(sorry - phone photo)

A quick stop for some Cottage Garden Threads because, well, what I had at home just wasn't right for the project I took away with me :o)

Shez, I need to plan a day out in Ballarat with you so I can take in all that this shop has to offer.

Then on a little day trip Claire and I managed to find this little gem in Port Fairy.
Neither hubby was surprised!  
They took the kids to the bakery whilst we shopped ..... we have them all trained well don't we :o)

"Rubleberry's" - Port Fairy
A sweet little shop that was only two small rooms in the front of a house.

and my purchases

and being that we were staying in Warrnambool there was a visit (or 2 for me, maybe 3 for Claire) to

Periwinkle Patchwork


and my purchases

I know I am on a fabric diet but this lot is OK as it's not being stashed.
I plan on starting this one asap.  A little out of my comfort zone as I'm not one that normally plays with Civil War / Reproduction Fabrics.  I see a lot of fussy cutting in my future.

As for holiday crafting. Well you can see that I packed the supplies ...... Wine included

and this is the extend of what I got done.
Guess that means we had a busy week :o)

And a "Holiday Pic" to finish this post.

She cried when we left.  Didn't want to leave the beach. Since we have been home we have taken her
school supply shopping. Now she cries if we try to get her to take her new School Shoes off! 
She thinks she is so clever as she has learnt to do them up herself. Where did my baby go? Oh well, some things aren't worth arguing over. Even if it is nearly 2pm Sunday and she is running around in school shoes and PJ's

Thanks for stopping by.
hugs Sharon xx


  1. looks like you had a good time as well as some great shopping...funny how kids do things like youngest used to refuse to take his boots off, even when he wore shorts...a constant that he is 21 I look back on those times with so much fondness...

  2. anytime my friend you can have an over nighter too if you like and Claire might want to come as well,hey i can take you to Cheryl's great shop in Stawell as well,sure we can fill in a weekend. Lots of lovely buys there and had to laugh the wine glass in your stitching bag.xx

  3. Hi Sharon, May I ask, please, about the redwork sampler? What pattern is it?

    Thank you!

  4. Great shopping there....I think you may have had the perfect holiday...

  5. The school holidays were made for PJ's (my girls are 15 & 12 and if we don't have to go out still live in PJ's) - it saves on the washing. All those quilt shops look amazing - will have to put them on my bucket list :)

  6. Those quilting shops made me drool. and love the holiday snap -precious memories

  7. Some wonderful shops there. I love Gail's shop. I collect repro fabrics as I make little Civil war quilts.

  8. Lucky to get to the craft shops! Wish I could have been at Gail's, must go there some day!

  9. Looks like a lovely holiday and lovely shops to visit, lucky you! Love your beautiful stitchery. xx

  10. Love the craft shops and you did buy some lovely goodies ...... well trained fellows too, what more could a girl ask for.


  11. Yummy quilting shops. Small purchases always necessay.

  12. Lots of lovely purchases there Sharon. We're heading off school shoe shopping in a day or two!

  13. Sounds like a great trip. Your little baby is so grown up now. preps are so cute.

  14. It's great to see that the family was warned....lovely purchases.

  15. Lovely holiday Sharon by the sounds and some very yummy purchases

  16. Lovely buys, for sure! I am wondering about the redwork pattern...could you please tell me where to find that? Thank you!

  17. Gail's shop is wonderful but you need a lot of time to check everything out. I love that stitchery, loved the one I did, turned out gorgeous in variegated thread so may have to try & fit in another for myself one day. Your baby is so cute, I don't remember school shoes being that attractive that I didn't want to take them off but maybe it's because she is only starting that big exciting journey. xx

  18. That is soooo cute of Lily wanting to wear her school shoes all the time! Yes you do need a lot of time for Gail's shop and I must make a visit to Warrnambool next time I visit the in-laws as I didn't realise they had that many patchwork shops there. Looks and sounds like you all had a lovely time while away :) Barb.

  19. Fun shopping...what a lovely holiday!

  20. Loved reading about your holiday shopping. so fun. And that pic of her on the beach is priceless. So cute. They definitely grow too fast. A just started reading quietly on his own last night! His first independent reading.. sniff. Luckily he still lets me read to him at bedtime. I will be devastated when he doesn't want me to do that anymore. :/ ha! I hope Lily enjoys the rest of her summer in her new school shoes. :)

  21. lovely shopping and such sweet stories about little Lily... my grandieboy who lives here starts this year too....

  22. I do enjoy combining holidays with a little shop hopping. You did very well with some great purchases.
    The crosses pattern looks very interesting and I do like the reds in that fabric bundle. Have fun with that one.
    Love the contents of your bag of crafting supplies! Lovely stitchery, too, especially with that CG thread.
    Sounds like the wait for school to start will be a long one.

  23. Great shops,my sort of holiday,of course it's wonderful to spend time with the kids too....
    Love the stitching,redwork is my new fave thing to do.xx


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