Saturday 23 November 2013

Scrappy Success = a Satisfying FINISH :o)

"Scrap Boxes - Rainbow Love"

Back in January I started a "little" project to make myself some Scrap boxes as inspired from the book "Sunday Morning Quilts".  It has been a somewhat slow project with little bouts of productivity.
Well Friday night that "productivity" kicked in again as I began the last few.

Well, what I thought was a few as I went and added this one (below) right when I thought I was finished :o)

I didn't realise how many white tone on tone scraps I had so they just had to have a box of their own.

Each and every box has been made from 100% scraps, even the batting, most of which was pieced.
Then every panel of every box (4 sides and the bottom) were all 1/4" quilted.  That's a LOT of quilting!

But, the end result.  Oh So Worth it if you ask me :o)

and an aerial shot, just because I can :o) 

Easy to see that I am inspired by colour and the rainbow isn't it.

I used the pattern from the book "Sunday Morning Quilts"
and made mine a little larger to fit my space.
Mine come in at 8" wide, 9" deep and 8.5" high
They hold a lot of scraps.

There may be one more added to this collection. 
One for my Selvages.  I'm still undecided as they are currently in a big glass jar.   
Thinking thinking thinking :o) 

So this officially leaves me without a scrap project.
Being that I save my scraps I like to always have a scrap project on the go.
Looks like it time to head over to Google Images and Pinterest and find my next scrap project.
If you have any ideas for me please share.

hugs Sharon


  1. I am so impressed by these Sharon! They are perfect for storing scraps! What about some scrappy bunting ( or some yo-yos in a project?

  2. They look fabulous, decorative and practical.

  3. Useful AND beautiful...great idea.

  4. your room looks fantastic with these brightly coloured boxes,well done my friend you zoomed along today,wonder what you will do tomorrow,lol.xx

  5. They look wonderful Sharon. How large is too large to be a scrap?

  6. WOW! You must have heaps of patience girl! They look so bright and cheerful and really make the space ZING. I wish I could be as inspired and as creative as you.

  7. Well done Sharon...colourful and practical and just so darn cute sitting there all in a row!
    Such a nice sewing place! :)

  8. They look fabulous Sharon!!! Well done on getting them all made!!!

  9. awesomeness and complete craziness.. do the selvage one..

  10. Love the boxes, they look great and so useful to have all the different coloured scraps separated.

  11. great way to keep your scraps... makes them easy to find too..... I love your straight quilting... you did it on my runner.... how do you keep your lines so straight?

  12. just beautiful and very inspiring :)

  13. These look brilliant. You are so clever.

  14. These are wonderful. Congrats on finishing your scrap project for the year. I have an idea for next year....make me scrap baskets!

  15. They look so great together Sharon. Great job!

  16. The boxes look fantastic Sharon! well done!

  17. These look gorgeous, what a fantastic idea, and so colourful....

  18. These are truly stunning and amazing boxes.


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