Sunday 4 August 2013

Crafty Hijinks

Have you heard about it?

Saturday 15th September
10am - 5pm

I have borrowed the spiel from Jodi's blog for you :)

Recently Gillian and I  Jodi were talking about the picnic and it was decided that we they should have another. So we they have booked a hall (Ballarat weather being somewhat inclement) , set a date and found someone to organise the lunch.
Do you want to come along? It is going to be very low-key but lots of fun. Its a day just for hanging out, chatting, laughing and crafting. Its early days, but we have a local shop setting up a stall for the day, some door prizes and plans for goody bags.
You don’t have to be cool or groovy or particular friends with anyone – You just need to be a blogger-its that simple. Come in a group or come along on your own.  Have you ever wondered what a blog meet is like? Well there is often a bit of girly shrieking, a lot of laughter and that funny kind of coded talk we do where we call each other our blog names.

If you would like to come along, you just need to buy a ticket ( a ticket? yep, the cost of the ticket will cover the hall hire, sandwiches and slice for lunch, goody bags and anything else that we organise between now and then) A veritable bargain at $21.50.
If you are a businessy blogger and would like to put something (with your business card) into the goody bags, or you would like to donate a small door prize. Just drop me an email. We they already have some fabric and I’ll Jodi will probably add a toy or two to the mix.

Now if you pop on over to "Silly Gilly" you can see a list that is constantly being updated with who is attending.  There may be some familiar blogs to you and even some new.

So are you coming?
I hope so. I'll be there and I would love to say hi :o)

hugs Sharon


  1. Looks like an absolutely fun event... if only I lived a little closer. One day, I will come down and meet all of my Victorian crafty friends x

  2. I wish I lived closer too....I think I definitely need to plan a long road trip around Victoria.

  3. wish I lived closer.... will be great fun...

  4. sounds like a fun day but being in the UK a bit far to come

  5. The girls from Gisborne will be there to catch up with you!!

  6. What fun! Shame I don't live close by, or even reasonably close. Hope you have a very successful day.

  7. I'm coming along with our lovely friend Mel, so I'll see you there!

  8. hmmm sounds interesting....just not sure with a very good friends 40th the night before. Possibly not the best idea driving to Ballarat early in the morning...........sounds like heaps of fun though..........


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