Friday 26 July 2013

Universe ...... STOP IT!

OMG this weekend has been in the diary since September last year and now it is here.
I have two sick girls, one boy that has a pupil free day and another that starts a new Tafe course on the other side of town ... ALL today. But that is not going to stop plans. Even the central heating has ceased to work leaving us all wrapped in Quilts until the "fix it man can get here".  I'm going, I am still going.  I'm sure Glenn can handle it all, after all he is on holidays so I am sure 4 kids and being my taxi is all within his realms of capability .  Universe, stop throwing stuff at me ........ I'm still going! lol

Hardly seems real but by the time you are reading this I will be well on my way to picking up Shez and heading into the city to attend ......... 

Craft & Quilt Fair 2013

I've never been before and I don't think at this stage I can fully comprehend how big it is going to be.
Shez will have to be my guide and keep me moving so that I do see everything :o)
There are plans to catch up with some old and some new friends for coffee here.

But do you know what I am really looking forward to?

At the Novotel in Glen Waverley. Two full days of stitching fun.
The designers are Natalie Lymer, Gail Pan  and Leanne Beasley.  
Can't wait to see what they have been designing for us.

It is also going to be a great weekend of catching up with new and old friends, all made through the wonderful world of Blogging and Instagram.

So, no blog posts from me for a few days but if you follow / find me on Instagram ( lilabellelane ) I am sure I will be posting a few pics there :o)

So Shez, is that bag of yours packed?
I've got the Tim Tams and I am on my way :)

hugs, Sharon.


  1. there does seem to be lots happening... just go and enjoy... as you say things will be fine at home...

  2. Good luck on your adventure. I am sure that Glenn can manage and if he can't, he'll learn.
    Go and keep our economy afloat. Hoping to get to the show on Sunday, so leave something for us.

  3. It should be an amazing time! Enjoy! I look forward to updates on your return.

  4. Bet those Tim Tams won't last long! Have a great time with your lovely stitching adventures, girls.

  5. Have a wonderful time. Think how much more they will appreciate you when you get back! Mmmm Tim Tams...

  6. Hope you two have the best time ever.

  7. Have a wonderful time you two!

  8. Hope you and Shez had a wonderful day. Hugs......

  9. Have a great time.....I've just returned from fqrlondon and I'm sure you will be buzzing.

  10. Lucky girl....I'm sure everything at home will be fine...have a fantastic time.

  11. Have a great time and try not to worry about what's happening at home....

  12. Have a wonderful time sharon. Can't wait to see what you bought and what lovely projects you received to stitch

  13. Have a lovely time Sharon the kids will be fine with Glenn.
    Wish I could come and join you..oooo I want to live in Australia it's just not fare,standing my foot now haha.xx


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