Monday 1 July 2013

OPAM for June

Here are my 9 finishes for June.

3 x Mug Bags
Pressing Board
Super Tote Bag
Paris Pin Board
Little House Pincushion
2 x Table Runners


I did make 3 of the mug bags and still can not find the photos :(


I wonder what July will bring?  I know it's a busy month here. In addition to all the sporting and Dance commitments that come with 4 children we have Kids on school holidays for 2 weeks. 
No 1 son starts a BRIT course in addition to regular schooling.
I will be sporting a new fashion accessory and be on heart monitoring for 7 days.
We have a mid week awards function in Melbourne in 2 weeks for Glenn's work and to round the month off nicely there is a weekend of stitching at Friends in Stitches in Melbourne.
As for sewing finishes, don't think there will be many as I've had a few starts recently and no finishes in sight.

Hope I can keep up with you July :)

hugs Sharon


  1. Another productive month for your Sharon. And that doesn't even count those large quilts you are working on! Don't you just love it that it's now school holidays?

  2. Great finishes. You have been very productive. Wish I could say the same.

  3. Every time I read your blog, I always wonder how you seem to have been given more hours in the day to stitch than the rest of us...and you have 4 children too, really...I cannot keep up with you but I admire you for sure and you are an inspiration always. xx debbie

  4. Loads of gorgeous inspirational projects and it sounds liek a busy month coming up.... hope you are okay that you are needing heart monitoring?

  5. you have achieved a lot this month, thinking of you as you wear your heart monitor and hope all is well. Wish I had known about the stitching group in Melbourne when I was living there but no doubt it was not around in the 70`s. How I loved the EG headquarters, have visited it when I have been over for a holiday staying with my sister who is still in Melbourne.Think my days of travelling are now over so will not be popping over again, air fares are now very pricey and not got sea legs so could not get a boat and row myself over!

  6. What a lovely collection of finishes for the month. Great inspiration for those of us who have been a little slack.

  7. wonderful effort Shaz and you sure are going to have a busy July,cant wait till our weekedn away ,i think someone on FB said 26 days,woo hoo melb here we come,lol,take care my precious buddy.xx

  8. Great achievements for June! July will be busy for you! Hope your monitor only shows good things!!

  9. What a lot of finishes for the month, you've been super busy! Hope everything goes well for the hear monitor and everything turns out ok for you :) Barb.

  10. Lots of lovely finishes.A busy month ahead.Sure you will still have good things to show.xx

  11. Lots of lovely finishes. Hope all goes well with the heart monitoring. You will be busy with the kids home on holidays. Take care. Hugs......

  12. Wow! Your finishes are beautiful Sharon - you do such beautiful work. Strange how most people go....oh holidays...where as those of us who work in education have to opposite reaction!!! :-) Good luck with the heart monitor, keep safe and look after yourself, sound like you have a really busy month ahead. Enjoy the Stitching weekend.


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