Monday 29 July 2013

Friends in Stitches - the weekend round up

Friday was all about the Craft Fair. Lots of retail therapy to be had.
Sadly all I came out with was some Washi Tape and a thimble!
Lots of Beautiful Quilts on display.
And catching up with so many new and old friends.

A Quiet drink afterwards on Southbank with a lovely group of ladies then off to Glen Waverley on the train.
Walking into the Novotel was a bit like coming home.  More new and old friends. It was like every time you turned around there was someone new to say hello to.  

Then came Saturday morning.
A true treat for the senses. The excitement and anticipation as everyone waited to get inside the Ballroom to see what was waiting for us. And of course everyone is interested as to what was in the Goody Bags.

Saturday's Bag

Three new, not yet released, fully kitted patterns, designed just for these two days.
Be sure to keep your eyes open in your LQS as these patterns will be available very soon.

and in Sunday's Goody Bag ......

again, all fully kitted.

I chose to work on Gail's project.  Decision for me was simple as it was the only one using one thread color. A lot less concentrating when chatting! lol  (Blogger is giving me grief now so tilt your head for the next pic!) This is all I got completed over the two days. It is a great indication of how much fun and chatting was had :)

and of course we cant forget a pic of some of the treats on offer.

All around the Ballroom the designers, Natalie Lymer, Leanne Beasley and Gail Pan had their beautiful and inspiring samples on display. Let me share a few.

and of course a little Retail Therapy at the shop :)
(I threw in my Washi tape so it didn't feel lonely)

The first two patterns were inspired by Natalie's Samples.  The second one is one of Natalie's earlier patterns. Just imagine it made in one of her fabric ranges now.  I am really looking forward to making it in brighter fabrics. The stitcheries are so cute.

I have had an amasing opportunity to meet so many blogging friends both new and old. To be able to talk in person and put a real face to the names. We will continue to chat and some I will see again in November.  I have even had the honor of meeting ladies that I only know through Instagram ... Thank you Roz for my snail .... he is so adorable :)

A huge thank you to Leanne Beasley, Nataile Lymer and Gail Pan for an absolutely fun filled weekend
and a special thank you to my travelling buddies Shez and Claire.

hugs Sharon
(sorry for the long post)


  1. we had such an awesome time and so much fun,great company and lots of inspiration.xx

  2. It sounds absolutely brilliant. I'm definitely coming next year.

  3. It was great to see you in person. Had a great day. I got given one of these snail tape measure by a friend last week.

    I am going in November too see you there.

  4. Very interesting post Sharon. I enjoyed reading all about your trip and seeing the photos. Am very envious LOL. Hugs.....

  5. Yay.. it was a great day... It was lovely to finally meet you.


  6. Looks like you had such a wonderful time...such lovely goodies in the bags for both days...

  7. So many wonderful things to see, it looks like an amazing day. Love the projects you were given. xx

  8. How wonderful everything looks. Sounds like you had a great time. I love your little house stitchery.

  9. Wow! What a great retreat, amazing goodies too. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  10. sounds just perfect....

  11. I agree with Fiona, just perfect!

  12. What an amazing weekend you and all the others had. There are lots of patterns for you to make. It is great that they come as kits. Those new threads you bought look gorgeous.

  13. Wow Sharon so many wonderful projects and purchases to keep you stitching for months to come. Sounds such a fun weekend

  14. OMG Sharon !! you have been SO lucky !! What a delightful week end ! so much happiness !!
    I'm totally jealous and hope to be able to come one day !!

  15. What a great post Sharon! And you bought that quilt - sweet peas. Can't wait till you do that one in brights. I rally had a lovely day too and was topped off by meeting you and Shez. Looking forward to seeing your completed projects.

  16. What a fabulous time you had!

  17. Looks like you had a great time with lots of goodies coming home with you.


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