Sunday 21 July 2013

Foundation Piecing

I have had a couple of requests and inquiries about Foundation Piecing during the creation of my
Glacier Star Quilt so I have taken a few photos of the process over the weekend.
This post it pic heavy so I will try and keep the words to a minimum.

No pins are used.  All I am using in my glue pen, some template plastic and my "Add a Quarter" ruler.

First up you use a little glue to adhere the first piece of fabric to the paper then line the
template plastic along Line 1 (which is the first sewing line) and fold.
 Place your "Add a Quarter" ruler and cut.  The "Add a Quarter" ruler adds your seam allowance.
 .... and repeat. In this instance, 16 times!

Now take your next piece of fabric and place a little glue along the "seam allowance", check where you need the fabric to cover ... in this instance, SEC 2
 Place you fabric in the desired position and apply a little pressure (helps the glue stick).
Check to make sure you have the fabric positioned in the right spot and ...... repeat!

Take to your machine and sew the seam.
 ...... and repeat!
Flip and iron :)
 and now we go again.  This time I am working with seam two and section three

 Now for Line 3 / Section 4 ... are you getting the idea :o)

"Perfect Points"

I am using a "Judy Niemeyer" pattern. There are no lucky "guesses" with cutting fabric with these patterns as the hard work has been done for you within the cutting guide in the pattern. I have been learning Judy's techniques over the last few months at my LQS whilst making my Glacier Star Quilt.

I am off fabric shopping later this week for my next Foundation Piecing project. 
I'm not starting that though until this baby is finished :o)

hugs Sharon


  1. YIKES!! Not for the weak...that's for sure!! It's going to be a beauty!

  2. Oh my gosh.....all I will ever do is admire.xx

  3. You are amazing and fantastic insturctions....thank you..

  4. As always, you make it look so very easy.

  5. love my add a 1/4 ruler.........didn't think to use the glue pen how everything is so accurate........

  6. Thanks for the tute, but I think I will just admire your work. LOL

  7. I think I'll leave the foundation piecing to you!

  8. i agree with Susan,but thankyou for your tutorial,maybe one day,have a lovely day my friend only 4 more sleeps,yipee.xx

  9. It's great.. well done.... some good tips there...

  10. Thank you for sharing these tips. Your work is amazing.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Your project is absolutely stunning x

  12. Ohhhh.....kind of scary for me Sharon, but your work is looking beautiful...amazing!!

  13. maybe one day I will be able to do foundation piecing at the moment it is far too complicated for me to understand but thank you for the instructions,.

  14. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Hugs......

  15. Love your quilt top, my pattern arrived today - looks a bit scary but i suppose i need to take it one step at a time.
    It's lovely to see your progress - very inspiring.

  16. Wow, that's an amazing tutorial, thanks for the time and effort you put into this! Hugs Wendy

  17. thank you for this Sharon! I really appreciate it. I've read it and will re-read it again now. Still looks very confusing but the result are amazing.


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