Tuesday 4 June 2013

Room makeover

We have a birthday in our house today.
Keegan has turned 11. Wow what an age.

Happy Birthday Keegan

I made Keegan cry yesterday when she got home from school.
I let her go to her room to dump her bag as normal but it was not as
she left it - how she left it below

Keegan has wanted a mini makeover in her room for so long and most of the things on
her Birthday wish list were "Paris" themed so instead of wrapping the presents up
and giving them to her today I went to her room as soon as she left for school yesterday
and did a mini makeover. Don't worry though, she still had gifts to open today :)

This is my newest WIP :)


I even made over her Pin Board for her.
Those who said that my newly acquired staple gun would be used again
were so right.  So that's (the pin board) is my first finish for this month.

Lily followed her big sister up to her room when she cam
home yesterday afternoon and then came running 
back into the kitchen moments later 
"mummy, mummy, Keegie is crying"

Tears of joy :)  Our little surprise for her worked :)

Now for the cake. It was also a surprise of sorts.
It looks innocent enough but when you cut it ......

Yes, FULL of smarties.
Even Lily didn't know and the look on the girls faces
when Keegan was cutting into it is priceless.

Enjoy your evening,
hugs, Sharon


  1. That is a very cool cake! Big brownie points for you Mum!

  2. Happy birthday Keegan. Great surprises mum!

  3. wow love Keegan's room,its gorgeous,and how good is that cake,boy there is no end to your talents Shaz,enjoy your new room Keegan and a big happy birthday.xx

  4. Happy birthday, Keegan I love your new room. You had a spectacular birthday cake too.

  5. Keegans room looks lovely,and that cake,wow wow wow,what a brilliant idea.
    A very happy birthday to Keegan.xx

  6. Love the room make over, it looks great! WOW, can I have a slice of the cake please it looks yummy, especially the smarties!!

  7. Happy birthday to Keegan. That's a great mini makeover. I just love the surprise cake.

  8. Lovely room makeover. great idea for a child's cake.
    love it.

  9. Fantastic cake and fantastic room makeover... you must have been planning sneakily for ages.... how fun....

  10. Happy Birthday Keegan. What a wonderful surprise....bet you enjoyed doing it too.

  11. What a beautiful surprise for your daughter. Belated Birthday wishes Keegan. her bedroom looks gorgeous. Hugs....

  12. Happy Birthday Keegan, what a lovely surprise, something she will always remember! Love the cake!

  13. Oh that's so lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a great job you did of Keegan's room. Love the cake too.

  15. Oh my goodness, you must have had fun planning all those surprises! I got a very good laugh from the cake, I can just imagine the surprise on their faces. :D I think that trick could be used on anyone, young or old! Happy belated birthday to Keegan, too.

  16. THIS is really a fabulous birthday !!! Best wishes to Keegan !


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