Monday 6 May 2013

Sunday Snippet - Lancaster

Sunday morning in our house mean early rises and off to
watch Declyn play football.  I must say at this time of year the 
weather can be lovely and mild at 8.30am but by 10am it can be very bitter.

So yesterday morning I packed up some clam shells to prepare whilst
watching the game.


Later in the day I dug out my Lancaster top and decided to finish off the
border before the clam shells.  

Next time I decide to work on a project that has
mitered corners can someone please kick me.

Arguing with the wind so not a bad photo.

Each side now has nearly 200 clam shells to be hand pieced into place and knowing
the love / hate relationship I have had with this pattern I just know I am going to
experience some frustrations :(  

So here I go, nearly 200 clam shells to be pieced to that thin strip of fabric!
It wont be finished any time soon but they will be sitting on my little label
 in the lounge for when the inspiration does hit :o)

Hope you have a great week.
hugs, Sharon


  1. The quilt is so pretty.... I have never been brave enough to attempt clamshells........ or mitred corner.... you are a braver gal than me!! especially doing it outside in the changeable victorian weather!!!

  2. It's looking fantastic, and I'm sure those little clamshells will be on the quilt soon. I hope the pattern works out for you.

  3. Wow! Sharon, just imagine the feeling of satisfaction when you finish stitching that last clam shell to the quilt? Magnificent!

  4. Those clamshells are going to look fantstic. You got the ones in the centre block done quick smart so I am sure you will tame the border ones too. Can't wait to see them done.
    love your christmas projects too.

  5. The results are pretty stunning so far and those clamshells will look gorgeous.

  6. Looks beautiful so far and don't we all take on projects that make us shake our heads and wonder why down the track?LOL!

  7. it is looking great so far. It will be lovely when finished , well worth it.

  8. Wow this is going to be stunning.

  9. Amazing...have fun with the clam shells....

  10. Your quilt is looking beautiful. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. You are a more patient woman than I, that's for sure.

  11. Oh it will be sooooo worth it Sharon. It looks great so far! :)

  12. It is so gorgeous though Sharon. You are sure to be thrilled when it done.

  13. It will be worth all the effort as it is going to be stunning when finished.

  14. Absolutely beautiful Sharon - those diamonds are so perfect. Are the clamshells the end then? Keep plodding on - it will be well and truly worth it

  15. Gorgeous Sharon,but girl those clam shells fill me with terror. Cant wait to see this one finished.xx

  16. It really is a beautiful quilt. I can't imagine sewing those clam shells onto that strip? Look forward to seeing your progress

  17. It's going to be gorgeous, well it already is!! Hugs Wendy

  18. Good luck with the clam shells. Have not made any of them as yet, definitely love the look of your quilt so far and love all your finishes from Gail Pan's book in the previous posts. Hugs.....


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