Sunday 19 May 2013

Aqua it is.....

Argh, Collingwood was playing last night and it became a
Bit of a health hazard trying to sew hexagons because I just never
knew when the TV was going to be yelled at and there for
the needle being jabbed into my finger!

Row 1 did get to meet Row 2 before I stopped.

Then I moved to the other end of the house
And into my sewing space. I had noticed that my
Blue scrap box was a lot fuller than the others
And at a closer look I found that it had a lot of
Aqua within in so I decided to make an Aqua
Scrap box. Started it last night and I have just finished it.

4 of the boxes still need board added to them - one day :)

Now it's time to go and finish off my swap item
For our Millrose get together in a couple of weeks.
I am also adding the finishing touches for the next
Swap item in the Mrs. Martins Celebration swap so
No peaks there because Claire will pass by between writing
Reports and we don't want to ruin her surprise.

Declyn played his 50th game of Football this morning.
I am so proud of him. He also scored the first goal for his team.
Well done Declyn.
Enjoy your Sunday,
Hugs Sharon


  1. your hexies are coming together beatuifully.
    so love your scrap boxes. Your are so organised and in the most gorgeous way.
    Well done to Declyn!

  2. woo hoo thats the way to go Declyn,congrats on your 50th game.
    Love those boxes you have made Shaz,a great way to store your fabric in.xx

  3. Hexies are looking good. Good on you Declyn!

  4. I keep meaning to make fabric scarp have inspired me!

  5. Nice hexies and I just LOVE your gorgeous scrap boxes.
    Congratulations Declyn on your 50th game and scoring the first goal today.
    Pleased his game turned out better than Nelson's last week.

  6. Oh, I love your scrap boxes. What a brilliant idea! Cornelia and I have only recently learnt how to make hexagons and we're definitely hooked.

  7. Your rainbow scrap baskets are just gorgeous.....And you know i love your hexies. Well done to Declyn.

  8. Love your boxes.....did you have a pattern?

  9. You had a busy night. Your colourful scrap boxes are great, very organised. Hugs.....

  10. the scrap boxes look fantastic.....
    Well done to Declan...

  11. I love your scrap boxes - so much more fun than my buckets! Well done to Declyn - you sound a 'little' proud!

  12. oh you could have put a little peek in, just to get me all worked up into a frenzy trying to picture it whole!

  13. Your fabric boxes look amazing Sharon, Well done to Declan.

  14. Congrats to the goal scorer! Lovely "aqua" box... they all look sooo pretty all lined up on the shelves! :)

  15. I really like your scrap baskets...they are so lovely holding all your scraps....

  16. I really love your scrap boxes they look soooo pretty all together, congrat's to Declyn on his first goal !!! :) Barb.

  17. Love your boxes they look fabulous, and your hexies are coming along beautifully

  18. Love your colorful fabric boxes and your hexies are wonderful!

  19. LoVe all your boxes Sharon. They look sooooo pretty! :)


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