Thursday 11 April 2013

I taught them to share .... silly me

Yikes ..... no blog post since Saturday morning.
I am blaming that Bug that the kids had and me teaching
them that they should share!
Yep that will teach me.

Thank goodness for pre-illness purchases arriving to brighten my PJ clad days :o)

Loving this book.
Also arriving were some more Liberty prints.

Taking my "collection" to 11.  Only 39 more prints to go and I can
start my Liberty Spools quilt.  Time to start adding some brighter colours.

And today I ventured back into my sewing space.
Looking around I didn't know where to start as I might have left
it in a bit of a mess last week :(

Annoying me the most is these.  Need to fix this so I started with 
the one that had fallen on to the floor!

Purple it was.

So that takes my scrap boxes to 5.
I think Blue should be next.
Off to work on that one now.

Enjoy your evening,
hugs, Sharon 


  1. Hope you are feeling better! I love the colour coded scrap boxes!

  2. Great scraps boxes! I hope you are feeling tip top soon!

  3. Your scrap boxes look great. Hope you feel better soon. Lovely Liberties and book.

  4. Ooh! Illnesses are not what you want shared around!! Hoping you and the kids are feeling better soon!! Are you on school holidays this week? ... Your Liberties look lovely! I can see why you'd want to make a quilt in this fabric!!! Is there a particular pattern you're using, or just making a standard size traditional spool? ... Praying ...

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon.....maybe the end of the holidays will help. You have the best looking scrap boxes, hard to choose a favourite.

  6. those scrap boxes are awesome Shaz and i hope you are feeling better now.xx

  7. Some yummy purchases Sharon to make you feel better. Cute little scrap baskets

  8. Hope you and the munchkins are feeling better Sharon, those scrap boxes are gorgeous where did you get the pattern from??? fantastic idea to colour code them :) Barb.

  9. Excellent Sharon and so pretty too! I hope you get back to feeling A1 again real soon! :)

  10. Love those scrap boxes. Hope you are feeling much better today Sharon.

  11. Your scrap boxes look great Sharon.

  12. Hope you are feeling much better today. Love how you have colour coded your scrap boxes...

  13. oh i so love liberty prints !! hope your feeling better

  14. Lots of lovely things at your place again, hope you are feeling better, hugs Wendy

  15. glad you are feeling better.... and got a lovely scrap box done... the liberty prints are so pretty.

  16. Good to hear your feeling better & well timed book delivery. I'd like to put a good word in for green, it is a much under rated & unloved colour that is trying so hard to make a bright comeback. Please Sharon, give green a chance in your pretty boxes! xx


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