Tuesday 29 January 2013

Loving today

I was very happy to see my postman today ;)

Flower Girl kit.
Beautiful Fat Free Eye Candy.

My new labels.
The big ones are for my quilts. Designed with
heaps of room to allow for Quilt details and/or
a message for the recipient to be written
or hand stitched and then smaller labels for
smaller makes.

These were ordered through Spoonflower :)
You design them yourself and they print them for you.

Something new......

And this bundle, no it didn't arrive in the mail but I have
Dug it out of my stash to play with today ;)

Have a great week.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. I have a pezzy layer cake that I have no idea what to do with yet, but I just love looking at it. I love your churn dash pezzy! :) And that quilt kit is gorgeous, and cute, cute labels! So cool!

  2. oh Shaz what yummy fabric,love it,love the pattern also ,enjoy your wonderful parcel Shaz.xx

  3. Great new labels. You can use one on your fabulous new quilt kit. It's a very bright and pretty range.

  4. Oh what lovely fabric... I am perfectly jealous!!! not really but I am looking forward to seeing it made up...


  5. No wonder you love your postman Sharon - love your labels.

  6. All that beautiful stuff! I love the Flower Girl kit! I'd love my postman too if all those lovely goodies were delivered!

  7. lovely fabrics , I don't blame you for loving the postman.

  8. I love the flower girl kit - can't wait to see it made up.

  9. Love your labels! And such pretty new fabric to play with!

  10. Great labels...love the fabric too!

  11. I love the 'Snuggle Often' instruction!

  12. Beautiful fabric.
    Love the labels,I really should label mine.
    Laura xx

  13. Another lovely kit!!! Spoonflower is a great site. Love the labels.

  14. Delightful fabric, you are certainly going to be one busy girl.

  15. Love the stack of Marmalade fir the Flower girl pattern, and your labels are so sweet!

  16. Tehe - I just received a gorgeous Flower Girl kit in my mailbox too...... have fun with all your lovely goodies!


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