Saturday 8 December 2012

Saturday Snippets & Something New

I decided this year that the "Special Baking" is not going to
be reserved for Christmas Day so today I made
some yummy Vanilla Cup Cakes with Vanilla Icing,
Snow (shredded coconut) and Christmas themed Toppers.

Then decided to make some Almond Bread.
Christine posted the recipe on her BLOG
I went the "cheats" way and steamed my Almonds so
that I could get it made in one day and Yummo!
Thank you Christine, I will definitely be making it again :o)

Later in the afternoon I decided that I needed to rectify the problem
of one of my children not having a quilt made by me. 
So the journey of Declyn's Quilt has begun.

"Urban Grunge"


I am learning pretty quickly that this is not necessarily an easy pattern
1/4" out  .... arghhh
off now to get friendly with my quick unpick.

Oh, and just to confirm again that the FQ Shop are great with the
fabric in their kits.  In the picture below, the fabric at the top is the "Scraps"
and the Fabric rectangles at the bottom are what I need for the quilt.

Looks like Declyn will be getting a cushion or two as well or maybe a pieced back :o)

Have a great day, Hugs Sharon



  1. Superwoman flys again,I have no idea how you fit everything into your day.The cakes look delicious ,my husband loves cake with almonds in so I will look up the recipe.
    Love the fabric colours,I will be watching the quilt grow as I usually do (because I love your work)
    Have a lovely weekend,bet its hot there,it's freezing here in UK,and dark at 4pm.We have been promised a cold week ahead with temps dipping to -15 ......

  2. Yummy cupcakes! Urban Grunge is going to be great!

  3. You are amazing. Your cooking looks as good as your quilts. I love the fabrics for Declyn's quilt. Have a wonderful Sunday

  4. Wow they are generous with fabric. Boys quilts can be tricky, I think it will look great.

  5. love the fabrics for Declyn's quilt,a good callenge for you,yummy cakes.xx

  6. lovely food and lovely sewing..... I think we should live closer together!!! so great to have plenty of fabric for the quilt....

  7. I love almond bread! The Urban Grunge pattern is such a perfect quilt pattern for a boy - it is one I have in mind for my teenage sons too.

  8. Glad you enjoyed the almond bread Sharon.

  9. Cupcakes yummo my favourite! Love the quilt uou're working on :) Must try out Christine's almond bread over the holidays :) Barb.

  10. Cupcakes are my favourites too and yours look yummy! Your new quilt looks great, perfect for a boy!

  11. The cupcakes and almond bread both look delicious. The quilt should make your son very happy. Hugs.....


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