Tuesday 25 December 2012

"I am a Mini Quilt"

Let me show you.

This Mini Quilt part of my Christmas Present from my family.
It is made by the very talented Carol Turznik over at mamacjt
If you go and visit her blog there is a link to her "Ladies Series"
of which I am now a proud member - Lady #24
Thank you Family and thank you Carol,
I   L O V E it :o)
Back to the couch now, feet up and a glass of wine.
It has been a great day here full of new memories, I hope you also
have some new memories to cherish.
I have opened some very special swap pressies today,
I will share them with you soon.
hugs, Sharon


  1. Sharon i love this,it does look like you,what a wonderful present to get.xx

  2. You look gorgeous in fabric.....great gift.

  3. Sharon, I am a 'lady' too. They are wonderful aren't they? Merry christmas.

  4. That is so cool! :D What a great gift they thought of.

  5. What a very special gift! Carol's series of ladies is something I never tire seeing! Lucky you!

  6. What an amazing present. Glad you had a wonderful day.

  7. WOW Sharon! What an amazing gift from your family. I just love the "ladies" Carol makes.

  8. What a great gift. It is wonderful. Hugs....

  9. Dont you look great! These are really cool gifts hey!

  10. Sharon, I am a 'lady' too. #23!! I popped over here from SAL when I saw the "lady" quilt on a post. I love you in fabric - love mine too of course. I also love your Vignette quilt - I love that pattern of Leannes's - in fact I love a lot of her stuff - I made the sewing pouch with a similar stitchery patterns but knew I would get bored with the stitching on the quilt - so I just collected the magazines instead - but I can see it was worth the effort. It is just glorious. I also think that is a very clever idea to cut a hole in the desk - yes those stupid extension tables are not the best - really they should just extend on the side and back too. Oh if only we designed these things...
    Happy New Year to you!!


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