Saturday 20 October 2012

Some things I can share

With so much secret sewing happening at the moment 
I thought I would take the opportunity to work on some other 
things that I can share with you.

First up ..... I picked up these wooden Christmas cutout the other day.
Added some felt, cut with the assistance of my GoBaby and made some
Christmas Tree decorations

Secondly ..... I have started to make another little Turtle Pincushion 
from Anni Downs "Simple Life" Book

Thirdly .....  I have been playing with "Vintage Modern"  :)
I have decided to add a border so am now waiting on some more fabric
before I can proceed any further.

I have finished quilting my Candle Mat and thank you everyone for the FMQ tips.
I have a few more things to try now, thank you again.

Next up - a little more FMQ practice

I am going to use this to have a play with my new 
Derwent Inktense pencils.

Hopefully next post I will have a little finish to share.

Enjoy your weekend,
hugs, Sharon


  1. Lots of lovely projects Sharon.And I have to say that FMQ looks pretty darn fantastic to me.xx

  2. Lovely projects. Is that quilt in the same range that you won?

  3. lots of lovely projects there Sharon,i just finished wrapping up your xmas pressies,lovely FMQ there,well done.xx

  4. So many wonderful projects!! Love them all!

  5. You have been so productive and everything is gorgeous

  6. What lovely projects you have on the go there Sharon!!!

  7. You amaze me at how many lovely project you have finished...

  8. Wow you have been a busy girl!!

  9. Such beautiful ornaments, they looks great with the felt. I just love your vintage modern quilt, so pretty. I love that range.

  10. OMG.... and these are only the ones that aren't secret? You are amazing, so many projects - and you even finish them!! They all look wonderful, esp love the Bonnie & Camille fabrics, always fresh and pretty.

  11. lovely little decorations. love the little pincuhion in the making and your quilt is so beautiful. happy colouring!

  12. Beautiful work. Enjoy your ink tense pencils be careful though I have heard that they can bleed a little.

  13. All lovely projects Sharon. You have been a busy little bee.

  14. Your Christmas projects are gorgeous, you always get such an amazing amount finished!!


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