Friday 26 October 2012

Rewarded with Roses

I managed to do a little quilting yesterday.

And spend some time out in the garden,
which has rewarded me with these beautiful Roses.

Plan for today is to finish the quilting and make some binding.

My computer did its last boot-up yesterday :(
So it's going to be IPad posts from me
for a while. So pleased that I managed to
set up my email program on my IPad or I would be lost.

Hugs, Sharon


  1. I love how the garden spoils us with such beautiful delights.

  2. Your roses are gorgeous. It's lovely when you pick flowers straight from your own garden. Have fun quilting.

  3. I agree what beautiful roses, hope they smell as good as they look! Fingers crossed you finish your quilting!

  4. Gorgeous roses, the red and yellow look beautiful together.

  5. beautiful roses Sharon,enjoy your sewing.xx

  6. Do love the quilt--but really, really love the roses! (Probably because it's going down to 17F tonight!) I did cover some pansies, dianthus, and mums with an old plastic tablecloth. Hope it saves them!

  7. Love the quilt and the roses are gorgeous!


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