Wednesday 15 August 2012

Sewing Granny in Chaos!

It has come down to the last few days in this house.
There are boxes everywhere, I'm calling it organised Chaos :o)
My sewing room is all packed except for my sewing machine 
and beside my machine are little piles of fabrics which when
 time permits will be 
Great Granny Squares.

Here are two more for my collection

Block 12 and 13

and all of them so far

So yes, this means that there are only 3 more left to make.
I would love to have them made by tomorrow night but only time will tell.

Do you remember my little "health issue"
I am off to see the Cardiac Specialist later today.
I am not expecting answers today, just a plan of attack would be nice :o)
"Fingers crossed"

Enjoy your day doing something you love.


  1. your blocks are gorgeous Sharon,well done and smooth sailing for the big move,and everything crossed for you today and i pray for a good outcome,stay safe my friend.xx

  2. I think the little squares of fabric might be an essential part of your recovery! It's probably the only thing saving your sanity while you move.

  3. You know how I feel about your squars...they are gorgeous! WOW you are amazing... still sewing with all the packing you've done! You are a machine! :)
    Good luck with the doc today! Fingers crossed my friend! XX

  4. Good luck for today.. I was only wondering about that the other day & was hoping everything will be okay for you.
    Oh my, I LOVE those Granny Squares... how can you manage to pack and sew????
    Therese xx

  5. Your grannies look great!
    I hope all goes well at the Dr's!

  6. Amazing that you are still sewing only days before you move. Hope all goes well at the Docs

  7. I hope everything went well at the drs today...I dont know how you pack and sew at the same time lol...good luck with the move this weekend!!

  8. Best wishes for your medical visit !!! I hope everything is OK ...
    Your blocks are beautiful.... as usual !!!

  9. I love this quilt, it has a real vintage look! I hope your Drs visit went well and you are ok. And I hope your shift went well too!

  10. Sharon - Your granny squares are fabulous!! I hope your doctor's appointment went well!!

  11. OH! I L.O.V.E. your Granny squares!!! I have just ordered some special fabric to make one for myself - I have been stalking blogs looking at them all and can't avoid making one any longer. I hope your DR's appointment went well - there is nothing worse than not having answers or a plan. I went through this with my youngest for 3 years (he is now 10) and although we have some answers, we don;t have them all. If you don't get answers I hope you do get peace of mind - all the best.


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