Tuesday 31 July 2012

Once Upon a Time

I have managed a little more progress on my
Once Upon a Time BOM

The top six blocks are all sewn together and the bottom three
are ready with some sashing attached.

All the remaining sashing is cut and the binding is made.

I have also pieced the bonus block for the cushion.

I have now boxed it all up and it will have to wait for some more of my attention at a later date.

We have found out this week that our Landlord is selling ....arghhhh
so I am busy trying to get various projects organised to be packed.

We have realised very fast that we are 
spoilt for space and that we are not going to be able to replace this place :(

Sharon is going to loose her sewing space :(
OMG where has all this fabric come from ... eeekk 
packing that really quick before the questions start! lol

We are currently enjoying 5 bed rooms, two living areas, a huge dinning, a rumpus room and of course my sewing space and somehow we have to fit all of "us" and our "stuff" in a much smaller house.
Really ... a 3 bed room home with one living and no garage and no garden shed ... that is just NOT going to be possible let alone work ... hello, as of the 10th August I have 2 teenagers! lol
I am really sorry Mr. Real Estate Agent but  I also need a kitchen with bench space as I don't plan on dishing up meals by placing the 6 plates (on a normal night and up to 10 when the step kids come over) on the floor because there is no bench space......

OK that's my "rant" for the day. :)
I'm off to bury my head in my fabric stash!
That will make me feel better right?

Enjoy your day doing something you love,


  1. Yay to progress!

    As for moving.......Noooooooooooooo!!!!! You can't lose your space!!!!!!

  2. oh no Sharon,my fingers are crossed for you that you will find another house with loads of space,tour quilt is gorgeous,i so love the things you make,you are one clever lady.xx

  3. That quilt is just lovely... such cute pictures and I love the fabrics you have chosen.... So sad you have to move out of your lovely home... all the best with finding just the right place for you ...

  4. Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. I try to stay positive whenever I can. Love the quilt, is gorgeous. My little hint for my sewing project today 2012 designer MBOM.
    love me :-)

  5. Really feeling for you on the space......I hope you can sort something out. Hubby might have to share the bedroom with you and your stash! Good luck. X

  6. Oh dear.......never a good thing when downsizing isnt your choice. Hope you can find something just right for you.

  7. Oh dear Sharon,hope you find the right house very soon.
    Love the story quilt,and the gorgeous rainbow block.Good luck with the hours hunting.
    Laura xx

  8. Hope you find the right place soon

  9. the block of the month is very pretty...

  10. Not good, hoping you find the right space for you and your family!!! I agree your hubby may have to share the bedroom with your stash...remember happy wife, happy family :)

  11. Oh i hope you find a big enough place!! it can be so hard living in a little box! That quilt is just gorgeous! xx

  12. This is really awful Sharon !! I hope you'll find a new house with space very soon !!

  13. Oh no!!! I really hope you find a house that's perfect for you!


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