Wednesday 13 June 2012

In Love


Well with a name like that I would have to be in Love would I not?
When I first saw glimpses of this fabric I was in Love.
It's like it has been named after our little 
Miss Lily (her middle name is Isabelle) who we call "Lilabelle".
Mind you in recent times Miss Lily is running around calling herself
"Lilabelle Supergirl" ... she is 3, what can I say :o)

Anyway, back to the fabric.

Images borrowed from here
from Bari J for Art Gallery Fabrics

These are just some of my favourites from the range :o)

If you want to see the complete range CLICK HERE

I now need to stalk some online shops and get ready for when it arrives instore :o)

Do you have a fabric range that is coming out that you must just have?

My Sewing Mo-jo has gone missing whilst the scratchy throat and pounding head has taken over.
Hopefully I will be better by Friday as it's FNSI :o)
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Have a great day, 


  1. Lovely fabric and it does sound like it was made for you and Miss Lilabelle Supergirl. I seem to have lost my sewing mojo over the last week. It happens every now and then, and I hope it comes back to both of us soon.

  2. Fingers crossed for you too for FNSI. Nothing worse than feeling under the weather! :(
    Lovely name for a lovely fabric range. :)

  3. That range is really different - very pretty. Hope your head cold clears soon.

  4. Sweet fabric and a perfect name... I wonder if you will use it to make something for little Miss Supergirl.... each time I see a new range I like it becomes my favourite... I am so fickle!!

  5. The fabrics are gorgeous! More importantly, I hope the throat & head clear very soon - can't have it interfering with any stitching, can you?! ♥

  6. The fabrics are lovely, I know how you feel my sewing mojo has the flu too!!

  7. Hope you feel better soon,been poorly myself this week,I think my lovely hubby passed on his flu bug.I have been lolling around in pj for 2days.
    Back to the fabric,you are a naughty girl,you put all this gorgeous stuff on your blog that I immediately swoon over(and just have to have in my life)and that fabric really is pretty.mmmm
    Oh well,spend a bit more of the pension ,(can't take it with you can you)LOL.
    Love Laura. Xx

  8. Beautiful fabric range and with a name like that I can see why you couldn't resist.

  9. Wow gorgeous! I really love your taste in colours and patterns :)

  10. I guess the super girl needs a super quilt made in this fabric!


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