Thursday 24 May 2012

Swaps, Crowns, Reflection and a little SKOW

Multiple items to cover so here it goes


I was luck to receive Shez's items in Cheryll's "A" Alphabet Challenge

An Apron, Animal Buttons, the little mice are to cute for words, 
some Apricot ribbon, Azure thread and an African FQ.

and my model for the Apron is of course Miss Lily

Huge thank you Shez, I LOVE my items.

Crowns for Talin

If you would like more information on Crowns for Talin please see my previous post.
If you would like to know how this brave young man and his family are going
look for "Talin's Wish" on Facebook.  Have your tissues ready.

11 Crowns made this afternoon,
 10 for Tailn's Party and 1 for Lily.

In Reflection,
give those you love that little extra time, 
a slightly tighter hug and cherish every minute that you can
and don't assume that they know you Love them, tell them so.

then to my
  SKOW - My Favourite Things Quilt.

Decided it was time to get out my SKOW box
and over the last few days I have got some of the next lot of  all of the remaining blocks ready

I might have got a little carried away!
The 4 rows represent the monthly blocks for May, June, July and August.

I have now put the last three rows back in the box
 and am planning on getting the first row over the line 
to meet the end of May deadline.

Enjoy your evening.


  1. You've been busy. Love the crowns and how your SKOW is coming along. Thanks for the reflective reminder too. I really enjoy following your blog. X

  2. what a lovely model Miss Lily makes,so glad you like your parcel.Well done with all those crowns,that is a lovely thing you have done Sharon and love all your SKOW blocks.xx

  3. Oh ! Sharon !!! You have nearly finished your SKoW !!! It's amazing !! and well done !
    You've got lovely gifts from Shez ! This swap is funny ... I thought of doing it but I lacked time... Enjoy your presents !

  4. Gorgeous crowns, great skow blocks and some wonderful swap items from Shez

  5. Well done you. love the gifts, the crowns and the blocks!

  6. lovely gifties from Shez.... those little mice are too cute... love all the crowns you made. I will be doing some too. SKOW is looking great.... well done with getting so many blocks done...

  7. your SKoW is looking the colours......

  8. Lovely "Apron" and other "A"'s you received from Shez... Wonderful of YOU to help with the crowns too!
    You deserve an awesome weekend! :)

  9. My 5 granddaughters would love those hats! ♥♥♥


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