Thursday 31 May 2012

OPAM Finishes - May

OPAM Finishes

It is (almost) the end of the month so it's time to report my OPAM finishes for May.

This, I am hoping, will be a new monthly post for me.
Let's see if I remember to do one next month.

1. Mug rug (for a Swap)
2. 12" Welcome Mini for my Secret partner
4. Boy Story Quilt Pillow
5. Mini Quilt for Doll Quilters Monthly Swap
7. "Apron" for the Alphabet Challenge
8. New Bag from a kit I got for Mothers Day

My OPAM finishes for the previous months are listed on my side bar.

- For those who may not have seen a "OPAM Finish" Blog Post before -

For something to qualify it has to be a complete finish. 
So things like a BOM Block, a "Swap Block" 
or a Flimsy (quilt top) are not a finish.

Enjoy your day doing something you love


  1. Well done, you have been busy, and today isn't over yet! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work.

  2. well done Sharon lots of lovely finishes there

  3. What lovely gorgeous is your bag!!!

  4. Lovely idea for a post and all your finishes are beautiful.


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