Saturday 7 April 2012

Retail Therapy

After Dec's MRI on Wednesday I decided to partake in a little retail therapy.

My excuse (not that I need one but it does help me feel better sometimes!) was the possibility of sitting at his bedside keeping Dec company if he ended up having the operation of his knee, so a new project seemed like the way to go and I have the perfect one on my to-do list.

So, the next New Project for me is

I have been wanting to make this quilt for my Nephew for some time now, so now is the time :o)

Fabrics purchased

and stitcheries are traced and ready to go.

and look what I found this morning when getting ready to do a cooked breakfast

Thank you Declyn and as you can see, in true blogger form I grabbed the camera!

Oh and an update on Dec. The specialist phoned again this morning and Dec wont be having an Op on his knee. He is to stay in the Brace for a minimum of 6 weeks (2 down and 4 to go) and then hopefully start physio.  So I didn't need to do the retail therapy, but am glade that I did :o)

Looks like I have a few weeks of the "mums taxi" to and from school, not to mention specialist appointments etc so those stitcheries are still going to get done :o)

Have an amazing Easter with your Family and Loved ones.


  1. boy what a merry go round for you and Dec,hope things go well for his knee.
    Lovely retail therapy buys Sharon.Happy and safe easter to you and your lovely family Sharon.xx

  2. ohhhhhhh I've been wanting to make that quilt for Mr Philosopher for ages TOOOOOOOO
    It looks lovely

    And your eggs cracked me up tee hee hee

  3. great fabrics! I am glad that Declan doesn't need to have an operation at the moment. Fingers crossed it stays that way too.

  4. Love your fabrics for the boys story. I finished my top last year for this quilt-it is waiting for backing and quilting, but that will come, no rush. My boys are too old for this quilt now.
    Poor chicken that laid those eggs was on an emotional roller coaster!
    Happy stitching
    Good news about Dec's Knee.

  5. Hehe. Good that you took the opportunity for retail therapy while you thought there was a reason. Hope the brace and physio is super successful for Dec's knee. Enjoy the stitching while you are doing all the running around to his appointments. That is a gorgeous quilt.

  6. Oh ... ohhhh ... that quilt is high on my want to do list... just love it....and you have chosen wonderful fabrics for it.... happy eggs

  7. All the best with Dec's knee hope the brace works. Love the fabrics you have pick...that's a great quilt.

  8. Hi Sharon, great news about Declan's knee. I hope the Easter Bunny is kind to you all. Love your new stash, any excuse to sew! The thought did cross my mind that the Bunny should leave me fabric instead of chocolate, maybe next year!
    Hope you all have a safe & happy Easter,
    Therese xxx

  9. Good to hear about Declan's knee, I hope it heals without any further intervention needed! I look forward to seeing your Boys Story quilt, I know it will look beautiful. Hugs Wendy

  10. What a relief for you! I have that book too so I can't wait to see your progress!

  11. Charming eggs! And therapy is therapy, retail or not. It will help you keep calm and carry on.

  12. Your eggs are gorgeous what a wonderful sense of humour he has :) So glad he doesn't need an op. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the quilt. Hugs - Fee X


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