Tuesday 24 April 2012

Friends with Benefits Swap

Norma (no Blog) and I were paired for the Friends with Benefits Swap.
We have now exchanged gifts so it's time to share :o)

Here is what I sent to Norma.

 A Sewing Tote to keep her projects in.
Norma gets to go on Quilting retreats as well as gathering with friends so
this bag should come in handy.

A little stitchery / wall Hanging or Table Mat
(sorry, not a very good photo)

A couple of patterns

and lastly a little Friendship Card.

and here is what I have received from Norma.

I love a beautifully wrapped present :o)

The Pot Holder is already hanging in my Kitchen.
I wont be using it though as it looks great hanging up :o)

I am moving my sewing space around so once it is all sorted again I
think that I will hang up the Tea Pot also :o)
I love having my swap gifts displayed through out my home and sewing space.

Thank you Norma, I love my gifts.



  1. You made a fantastic bag... looks like lots of nice pockets to hide treasures in and I lvoe all the fabrics you used.....

  2. That bag looks amazing!! I love the fabrics you've used in it ... and the stitchery is gorgeous!! ... The Pot Holder is very sweet!! I don't blame you for not wanting to use it!!! Hugs!

  3. Sharon, that bag is gorgeous and lovely little stitchery too! You got some beautiful gifts too.

  4. Sharon what a gorgeous bag and cute stitchery,lovely gifts sent and received,well done ladies a lovely friendship swap.xx

  5. I love stitching~ you both did great pieces! Nice bag too. Were you inspired by this one? http://sherrodstudio.blogspot.com/ I have made a few Tote Along Tool Caddies and just love them!

  6. what beautiful swap goodies. Can't wait till mine is received by my partner and myself.Your boys story is growing quickly. It looks fantastic.

  7. Oh Sharon - I am so slow ( or perhaps just thick?) I completely missed this post about your swap gifts :(
    Anyway - what wonderful gifts Sent and received. The bag you made is gorgeous, I spy some fabric I have just used to test out my new Go! Baby. Is the stitchery your own design? If not I might just have to hunt it out. Norma's blue and white stitching is very sweet and a lovely friendship gift :)


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