Monday 13 February 2012

Seeing Stars all weekend

I managed to spend a little lot of time this weekend working on my

 "Oh My Stars" Quilt

First up I made a set (1 large, 2 med and 5 small) of the "Diamond Hearted" Star

Then I moved onto this one

Stars so far

I then decided to lay the blocks out so I could see how things were balancing out.

hmmm...... more green so then came this one (well a set not just one)

So now I ask,
 How well do you know me?
What came next?

L O V E the stained glass look :)
Did you pick it? Did you know what I did before I showed you?
I just could not help myself.
It is not as big as the full pattern for the Quilt-along but it still comes in at 69" x 73"

I pieced it together in sections, ironed on some Parlan fusible wadding then finished piecing the complete top.

I did this because I am hand stitching around every star in a rainbow thread before basting and quilting.

It might be hard to see but if you look at the bottom in the middle you will see the section I have already worked on. The final quilting will be simple in the ditch but hopefully will have a hand quilted look.

The parlan is great as it add some stability to the fabric, stops threads continuing to be a problem and now I don't need to be worrying about all those seams that I have pressed open.

My cute little helper in the background

So a very productive weekend for this project.
But, I never did get to cut into that Vintage Modern Layer Cake,
but, I do now have an empty Project Box :o)

I also have a sad looking collection of American Jane fabrics :( so might just have to add to that stash again............ I love a little Fabric retail therapy :o)
I hope you had a lovely weekend doing something you love,


  1. Just love it Sharon! A great pattern that looks so fresh and happy in AJ fabrics. The quilting looks good too.

  2. Just one word : magnifique !!!!

  3. Sharon its fantastic,well done on such an awesome quilt.xx

  4. WOW, what a beautiful quilt, you did an amazing job.

  5. looks are so far ahead of me. Gives me something to look forward to myself.

  6. looks beautiful. I need to get a wiggle on and do some more

  7. That is so beautiful it makes my heart hurt to look at it. Amazing!

  8. It looks fantastic Sharon!!! You've done amazingly well with this quilt ... I balked when I saw those sparkly stars, lol! But then you are ever so quick with your piecing and finishing!! Have you worked out what you are going to do with this quilt?

  9. This is beautiful....I always wanted to try that but never had the guts. Great job.
    By the way, what is Parian wadding? Did you remove it when you were done.

  10. Wow, it looks amazing, you have done such a wonderful job. I love the stitching you have done around the stars, very beautiful.

  11. Sharon it is just lovely... I do love the idea of the colour stitching around the edges.... very beautiful starry quilt...

  12. It's gorgeous! LoVe the quilt and the colours you chose! Great work! :)

  13. What a beautiful quilt top! I love the hand stitching idea. It will definitely look hand sewn. Lovely!

  14. Sawtooth stars are my favorite - is the pattern available for this quilt?

  15. It looks beautiful, I love the colour palette you chose. I'm working away at mine, hope I like it as much as I like yours!


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