Thursday 2 February 2012

One Rose Thursday and the Farmer

Here is the second Rose for my newly planted

Rose Garden

My two roses so far.

If you would like more info on this Paper piecing project you can

Find the tutorial here.
and an inspiring Flickr group here for the

Oh Dear Farmer,

Yes it is February and the Flickr Group for the Farmer's Wife QAL is starting back up.

I had great intentions last night.
I dug all this out

and sorted it all out

Yes I pin all the little bits to my design wall!
I am finding that I am having very very little wastage this way as I can see what little bits of fabric I have and I am using them :o)

Then I started cutting a block. Half way through things went a little pear shaped.
Ouch ..... off came the end of my finger!
No, I wont show you a picture of that but believe me when I tell you,
there is blood, it is still bleeding and still throbbing this morning
and the side of my finger is VERY flat when you look at it.
Not at all curved like it used to be :(

That's what I get for replacing my blade and cutting small pieces of fabric.

So Dear Farmer,
I had the best of intentions
(even though I still have no machine to sew your blocks together)
but now I am off work with a
Work related Injury.
I do hope to return to full productivity soon.

One down 2 to go!

Miss K starts back at school today.... YAY :)
She has been up since before 7 and it's just after 7.30 now and she is ready.
It is lovely to have such a keen child when it comes to school.
She is in Grade 4 this year and believes she has the best teacher ever :)
He is fantastic, Declyn had him last year in Grade 6.

The Boys go back on Monday.
It feels strange for me, having both boys in Secondary school,
and a little daunting with Declyn starting Year 7.

Come Monday morning, the boys will ride off one way and Keegan will ride off in the other.
Oh, and Aiden is not impressed. It is his 14th Birthday on Monday
so the last place he wants to be going is school.
Sorry Kiddo, that's just how it is :)

Happy stitching, Sharon


  1. Oh no... I am sqwirming in my seat about your finger.... horror upon horrors.... I do hope it heals soon.... what a great idea for using up all the bits though... I think I will take on that one..(but leave the finger slicing out!) So lovely to hear about your children - hope the rest of the week is good for you.... and I love your roses... amazing how different they look with a change in colours...

  2. Oh boy, you made me cringe...I hope it heals quickly! I can feel it when I think about it...ugh.
    Your roses look great and are tempting me to add them to the ever growing to-do list!

  3. I know your pain. A couple years ago I cut off the side of my thumb, nail and all, down to the bone. They put fake skin on it (that new mesh stuff) and I was surprised with how fast it healed. The skin just grew right over the mest in just a couple of weeks. Hope yours heals fast.

  4. Oh no. I hope that you heal up soon. Keep it clean and dry.

  5. ohhh noo Sharon not your finger,ouch i hope it gets better soon,and gee the little ones grow up so quick.xx

  6. Outchhhh ! I must hurt a lot !!!! Take good care of your finger ! It must be useful to keep them all !!
    All my best thoughts

  7. oucchh sharon i hope it heals fast .

  8. Oh no Sharon, that sounds so sore, poor you!!


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