Friday 24 February 2012

Christmas Fun - Block 1

Christmas Fun

I have managed to get the first block for my Christmas Fun Wall hanging done.

I am really beginning to like the red and blue colour combination.
To me it is having an antique feel with the cream backgrounds.

Anyone thinking about doing Lynette's next Button Club?

Fernhill Banner small

First button is next month ..... I'm in!
No, it doesn't take much for me to cave in and start a new project :o)

hugs, Sharon


  1. I am doing it too, this will be the 3rd one of her button clubs, not that I have started the Christmas one yet :)

  2. the block is great.. the red and blue does look really nice...

  3. lol you are amazing Sharon.xx

  4. your block looks great!
    I have seen the fernhill fabrics and they are lovely. That will be a beaut project too.
    Give in to it, don't fight it.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Some people aren't all that keen on awards so I hope you don't mind but I thought you were a worthy recipient

  6. Your Christmas Fun block is gorgeous, I do love that pattern. The new button club looks great, love the colours.

  7. Yep new projects are always so easy to give in to!
    Christmas Fun is coming along, looking great so far. Where are you doing Fernhill through?


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