Sunday 15 January 2012

Rainbow Play

My scrap bowl on my cutting table was getting a little out of control so last night I set about sorting it into my individual colored scrap containers.

This lead to the realisation that some are a bit full and the Pink one, well the lid doesn't go on.

So, one by one I went through them and started pulling bits out for my bottled rainbow quilt.

Some colors I have well and truly covered, others not so much.

I need to start including Pomegranite (hot Pink), Violet, Berry and Cerise (all shades of purple) and Avocado (Dark Green) into my quilts. 

One step closer to starting this one, just need to finish something so a WIP Box becomes available :)

If you are interested in making a Bottled Rainbow quilt with your scraps then go visit Rachel over at Stitched in Color. The link with all the info you need is on her side bar.

Until next time, enjoy your creativity,



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