Friday 27 January 2012

I want to but I wont ......

There is just something about this block that makes me want to.

Want to what?

Jenny over at Sew Kind of Wonderful is doing a Quilt-along.
The "Urban Nine Patch" Curvy Quilt Along starting next Thursday

The block is yelling at me to join and I have never really sewn curves before!
( only one small Apple Core Quilt for Miss Lily last year)

I am being very strong trying really really hard not to join in (and please don't double dare me to because it really wont take much for me to cave)
but I just have to share it with you in case you want to do it.
And, if you do please let me know as I would love to follow your progress on this one :o)

I will be watching to progress of the quilt-along and even ordering the ruler ... it looks super cool!
See Here.

Now i really should be going and working on this one

Oh My Stars.

I think that I am about 5 star patterns behind thanks to my Swoon addiction :)

Enjoy your weekend.
We are still "double car less"  :(
So staying very close to home.
One is getting the bearings replaced in the front end and the other,
well lets just say, everything relating to the fuel system, from the fuel tank to the engine has to be replaced .....
ouch  ... that really is one bad batch of fuel :(
On the bright note she is booked into the mechanic next week.

Have a great one, hugs, Sharon


  1. stay strong Sharon.xx

  2. Very tempting I agree - I already have the ruler so resisting is proving a challenge!

  3. It is a great looking block!
    I hope the car situations gets sorted out quickly.

  4. Go know you want to....You only need to sew one block....make a dolly quilt....Just get a little taste. lol

  5. OUCH on your cars. We have had similar problems and it isn't fun.

    I am hoping to finish my Civil War top this weekend and then I am off and running on the Oh My Stars quilt.

  6. Why bother fighting it??? Just try a bit since you are getting the ruler anyway....

  7. I can see why you are tempted. Oh no...but it is lovely.

    Hang in there with the cars. Car trouble seems to travel in packs.

  8. Go on... you can handle it.. and it's such a wonderful block.
    You'll be glad you did I'm sure! :)


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